Spirituality and Illness


Sure, illness can be a sign of being out of harmony with the Spirit.  BUT, and that's a BIG BUT (not to be confused with a big butt), one can be ill and totally one with Spirit. 

myths of physically transcendent spiritual masters

People sometimes talk about some “spiritual master” or “saint” who “wasn’t born of woman” or can “appear/manifest” anywhere anytime, or doesn’t need to eat, etc., etc..  There have been fakers doing magic tricks to get people to believe such things, for ages.  There are also people who would like to believe in such things, so they do. 

WHO is there proof of NOT dying?  No one.  And if someone dies, it means they have a physical body that is subject to the same physical laws all of us are subject to here on Earth.

Some con artist alleged spiritual leaders or gurus use magic tricks that you can buy or learn from any magic store to do "smoke and mirrors" types of appearances and disappearances, and even claim to ascend and remanifest in either the same or different body. Some of the high so-called "ascended masters" do have various abilities in that area, but they are only of our order, and even then, some have also used nearly physical doubles to give the appearance of an extended lifespan, to create a mystique for the purpose of doing good works. So beware of con jobs about that. I
t isn't within the laws of physics and metaphysics that must be lived within for virtually all corporeal beings. The important sign is what good do they do in bringing souls to kindness, compassion, caring, and ultimately the ability to transcend their physical bonds with clear karma. If that isn't the primary and mainly focused on goal, metaphysical or new age gobbleygook often abounds, and making huge amounts of money or goods for personal gain, and getting followers, is their primary goal.

Everyone dies.  Why does everyone die?  Bodies.  Physical bodies.  Animals on the Earth, that like all life, are born, get old, and die.  That also means they get sick.  

Even old age, is illness.  You have probably heard about someone "dying of old age".  But "old age" doesn’t kill. So what really happens when someone "dies of old age"?  The heart finally gives out?  Kidneys?  What?  Something quits working because of debilitation/illness.  If nothing "gave out", or they didn’t succumb to some micro-organism, they’d still be alive.  How many enlightened masters do you think only died because of a plane crash or other "accidental" cause? Very few. Most die because of illness/degeneration at some point in the life of their body.  Some sooner, some later.  

The body is not the consciousness, the body is not the soul, the body is not a reflection of the soul or consciousness.  It is an animal being used as a vehicle.

Even Jesus didn’t just have a great, healthy, happy body, then one day ascended.  He suffered great pain and injury.  In fact, the great pain He was in, was a big reason why He and His teachings were remembered.  His suffering, drew out our compassion, and helped us. His own ancient teachings talk about the inevitability of His body dying anyway, but He sacrificed Himself in this way, so we would remember the teachings, the unselfish love.  And we do.  

Teachers are often healthier than the masses, simply because they are not living an out of control  self-indulgence based lifestyle, and do things to maintain the health of the body.  They also often have more life energy passing through them from time to time.  But that isn't enough to make them impervious to many serious diseases, injuries or other problems that occur on Earth.  I first became seriously ill after getting exposed to a "melt-down" situation. There was a cover-up of this accident, and those in a nearby town, including myself, were heavily irradiated.  The subsequent illness, brought out compassion in people, students, strangers, friends and relatives alike. It was amazing sometimes.  So I understood that even being ill, can be a deliberately created situation by the hierarchy/Universal Spirit,  to help others and further Universal Will.  Again, think about the impact that Jesus physical and emotional suffering had.  Would people remember Jesus as they do, without that?  No.  They might remember him as another good spiritual guy, but not with the impact it has had.  And with all the bad that certain organized religious leaders have done, there are still some people who understand, and strive to manifest, the true meaning of Jesus' life and teachings - unselfish love. 




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