Chapter Five " the religion of atlantis" continued...  

I tried. It was like he was holding heavy weights or glued to the ground. I managed to budge him, but it took all of my effort and strength, whereas it was easy just a moment ago.

"How did you do that???"

"Simple visualization and energy. One aspect of 'science-magic'. You will learn it in time. And if I had wanted to really put my mind to it, you wouldn't have been able to lift me at all."

"That's incredible."

"That's nothing. But while our ancestors achieved wondrous things with their 'science-magical tools', it is not any more mysterious to us than defecating is to the uninitiated. To us, this use of the mind to create physical reality, is just a simple fact of Universal Law science, and a very fundamental one. This also applies to everything else in the Children's early days on Earth, such as their use of pyramids to provide power to vehicles and buildings without any visible connection. All their understanding of God, spirituality, and the matters of day to day life, are based in this knowing that real magic, is science, and real science, is magic.

This lamp I am holding for instance. It has no batteries like they use in the outside world, yet it is powered. By what? Something you can't see, and you don't yet understand. Is it magic? I guess so. Is it science? I guess so. Which reminds me, I have some repairs I'm in the middle of."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Thank you for your time and teachings Zinuru."

"Think nothing of it. You're quite welcome. We must have more talks. And I know you want to know more about how we are using some of the ancient technology to power things here. You'll be able to learn them easily if you wish. You have great vision and insight that few have, and I welcome discourse with you."

"Watch it, you'll get my ego out of hand with comments like that."

"I wouldn't worry about that. Zain will assure the last of your ego is stomped to death - he's talked about you a great deal."

I cringed inside. "Oh, great. That's something to really look forward to."

"In truth, it is. You will be far wiser, more intelligent, find peace, and your place as a caring instrument of the One, once all is said and done."

I replied, "That sounds better than being stomped to death."

He laughed. "Same difference. You'll learn." Then he headed on up a shaft.

The reality, practicality, and day to day practice of "science-magic" by the Children, give their teachings a "substance" that is rare in other paths. So while some of the spiritual teachings you will read about here may sound similar to other spiritual teachings, keep in mind that it's possible that they are based on a very different framework of understanding life and living life - a very real and practical framework, not an "airy-fairy" idea. And that framework can make a big difference. So if you read something that seems like just a religious or spiritual concept, keep in mind that if understood as a whole within the entire framework of the teachings, they are also just a fact of science-magic. And in the right hands (or right minds, in this case), they are each indispensable keys to understanding life, co-creating your world, and living in harmony with the Universe.

Complex Ideas with a Simple Message

Because the Children's path is so strongly based in Universal Law and what might be called "realities of the Universe", many of the teachings are by their very nature quite intellectual, and require concentration, and sometimes re-reading of sentences, in order to grasp them. I apologize for this, but it can't be helped. However, even though there is so much intellectual knowledge being presented, in practice, it is all balanced with feeling. For the very essence of this path is very clear, and very simple - Unselfish Love. Everyone can understand the healing and good that come from kindness, compassion, caring, giving, harmlessness. Those are the virtues of Unselfish Love - the things that really matter. And they are also the ultimate keys of returning to and being in harmony with the Universal Spirit, and what the Children of the Law of One™ are all about.

For me, discovering the ancient teachings filled in many holes in my understanding. I grew more excited every day as I learned more, grew more, and the pieces fell into place. When I found this path, I felt like a man dying of thirst discovering an oasis in the desert. To paraphrase a spiritual concept from "Stranger in a Strange Land", "As I was given water, I now offer you water. May you drink deep."

Coming up Against your Pre-conceived Beliefs

Everything was smooth and rosy in my life at the monastery, until I had to come to grips with my own "ego issues". They caused "turbulence" on the "flight" of my growth. I will discuss this later in the book, but to summarize it briefly now, let me put it this way. Long ago, my path led me to realizations that left my previous beliefs in shambles. I had to "clean house" (pick up the pieces of old beliefs, review each one of my beliefs individually, and decide whether to "trash it", "keep it" or "fix it"). I ended up with a set of beliefs that are far different than those of many people. As you have read, some of my beliefs are regarding Atlantis, and the history of our existence. But YOU may not believe such a place ever existed - so let's say it didn't. You have already read many things that you may, or may not, accept or believe - and you're about to read more. Just because I believe these things and accept them as truth, doesn't make it so. They may be absolutely untrue. Or they may not be true to you, from your perspective. Or, they may be absolute truth. In certain ways, it doesn't really matter, does it?

Whatever the case may be, if you don't believe all this intellectual "stuff" you read in this book, it doesn't matter to us - we know that truth is only half-truth at its very best anyway. We Love you. I Love you. I'd like to live in peace with you, and have you Love me too, regardless of what we believe or don't believe. As long as we don't hurt each other, and we help each other when in need, who cares what "beliefs" we have - religious, political, moral, or whatever. And I believe that's what's most important, because I know that Unselfish Love is always beneficial. That is one of my revamped beliefs, and I think it's something we should be able to universally agree upon. I Can. Can you? Will you? What can it hurt? Nothing. What can it help? A great many things, like peace and kindness. So if you do not believe the ideas contained in this book, I hope it will not matter to you that I do - as long as I am a Loving, kind-acting, caring-thinking, harmless person. And similarly, what matters to me about you, is not really what you think or believe, what religion you belong to, or if you're an atheist, but how you conduct yourself. What matters to me is whether or not you are a Loving, kind-acting, caring-thinking, harmless person. Unfortunately, a person's beliefs do greatly influence how they think and act though. So while we are on the subject of beliefs and religion, let's take a closer look at the effects of belief.

One day I was struggling with my thoughts. I was having 'doubts' because I was having a hard time with my ego. It wasn't the first time, and it wasn't going to be the last time. But as I was sitting in the garden questioning my beliefs, and trying to sort some things out, Anastasia came by and told me I should go see Zain, because I seemed upset. I reluctantly acknowledged her advice, slowly got up, and went off to find him. I found him already teaching a group of other novices. But his words were addressing my issues and concerns. I wondered if it was actually all staged for my benefit. It seemed absurd to think that of course, and self-centered, but I was never really sure with him what he might do to teach someone something in the best way. Here was what I began to listen in on:

"Regardless of whether or not you believe it, your beliefs control your destiny, so they need to be closely scrutinized for what they create in your life. What you think and believe greatly effect whether or not you are a saint, an evil monster, and everything in between (like a somewhat kind person, or a somewhat mean person)."

I was wondering what the heck he was talking about, because I had just learned that what we believed was irrelevant. So I interrupted the discussion, and asked, "What does it really matter what beliefs we hold? I thought it didn't matter as long as people are kind, caring, compassionate, and harmless."

"It is another paradox in a way. It doesn't really matter what beliefs a person has, as long as the beliefs they have yield those virtues of Unselfish Love you just mentioned. But their beliefs may yield those virtues, or yield harm and evil. Beliefs have a dominant and powerful effect on every aspect of our lives! People even kill over beliefs." [We'll get into that more in-depth later, but I'll continue Zain's lecture for now, because you will soon be reading religious concepts that may be in conflict with some of your own, and it may help you understand better or be more open minded.]

"Religious beliefs are frequently based on faith, and they are most often something we are 'taught to believe' early in life, by our family's religious beliefs and religion. Other beliefs are absorbed also, from our cultures.

People don't usually stop and think about the fact that something as seemingly 'innocuous and insubstantial' as our mere 'beliefs', really have much effect on our lives. But they do - in fact, they not only have tremendous effects on our lives, but they also control much of our destiny."

"How can this be that just an idea, a belief, controls our destiny?"

"A belief itself is but an idea, it has no real substance. But we act based upon our beliefs. The actions we take because of our beliefs, have effects. And only the effects, the results, of those actions, are things we can see, feel, and grasp. This is very important to realize. Because the effects of our actions, which result from our beliefs, are precisely the things that can be used to determine the value, good or bad, of any given belief. For instance, if you are kind to me because you believe we are all brothers & sisters, your kind actions are something real, something we can both know is good. Kind actions are transcendent of language, culture, and whatever you or I may believe is spiritual truth. Likewise, if you are cruel to me because of a belief, I will know it is a bad belief. These are obvious examples of course, and the results of many beliefs may be not so clear cut. Nevertheless, all beliefs subsequently generate their own 'thoughts' and 'actions', good or bad."

"So what should we believe for the greatest good for ourselves and the world?"

"Unselfishly Loving all beings is a belief of the Children of the Law of One™ , and the essence of the teachings. Caring about others, compassion, and kindness are qualities of Unselfish Love. If these are things we can all agree are good, then Unselfish Love can be used as a common, or Universal, measuring stick of goodness. And if Unselfish Love is the result of true spirituality, these virtues can also be used as the measuring stick of spirituality. Such a measuring stick can be used to compare the manifestations of any belief, and thus compare the value of any belief."

"So we should analyze and compare the effect of our beliefs?"

"Of course! Most people don't even think about what they are creating as a result of their beliefs. Do your beliefs further the manifestations of Unselfish Love, or inhibit the manifestations of Unselfish Love? Do they breed anger, hatred, and harm, or tranquility, love and healing? Do they make for a better life, or a worse life? Do they make for a better world for others, or a worse world?

People have used their beliefs, and been driven by their beliefs, to hurt and murder those with different beliefs. It can be over different beliefs about economics, race, religion - you name it and people will kill over it. What insanity! Why? The teachings make it clear that the primary culprit is our separateness from Universal Consciousness (and God). And regardless of the teachings - isn't it obvious? Separateness gives most all people of the world, the basis for their belief in the illusion that we are separate beings, not One being manifesting itself in many forms. This separateness then spawns differences, and selfishness. How much harm has been done in the names of God, Country, or Tribe? How much horror and pain has been inflicted because someone has a different racial, national, tribal, class, or religious belief? More than we can really grasp with our limited brains." He was through talking for the moment. Zain was a very intense being, and when he spoke intensely, I almost felt like I was getting punched in the stomach. As he got up and left the room, we all sat silent, moved, shaken up a bit, and remained in deep thought about his words for some while.

Any individual who wants to grow, attain enlightenment, or be a really good person, must completely re-evaluate their beliefs in the light of the effects those beliefs have, where they came from, and why. So in the Chapter on Subconscious programming and beliefs, we will explore the teachings on these subjects in depth.


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