Chapter Nineteen
"The Children of the Law of One Basic Meta-Physics of Science-Magic" continued...



Healing with Crystals and Vibration

            All things vibrate, and have different vibratory characteristics.  Did you know that body parts, including cells, and organs, have “vibrational signatures”?  There are “healthy” vibrational signatures as well as diseased vibrational signatures.  Understanding these scientifically, and having the advanced technology to alter our bodies’ vibrational signatures, allows us to heal many ailments.  In Atlantis, crystal technology was used for this.  But the amount of knowledge and experimentation involved in cataloging all the different vibrational and electrical parameters of every detailed part of a human body is immense - it staggers the imagination.  Not to mention the technology involved in creating the right crystals, and methods of applying them.  The technology needed to properly use such knowledge is also incredibly advanced.  But it was done in Atlantis, and the technology and knowledge was brought to Egypt, and then some of it to Tibet.  It has been recently rediscovered by modern scientists, which we will get to in a moment. 

            Atlanteans used very sophisticated crystal technology to heal, and many people internally “remember” or intuitively sense that this kind of healing did, and does, exist.  So they try to use quartz crystals this way, or go to healers who use crystals. But such crystals are wild cards, they are all formed differently, and perform differently, and most who use them are deluding themselves because they don’t know what frequencies they are actually dealing with, or how to properly apply them even if they had the right crystals for the task.  Atlanteans had an entire science devoted to the understanding of the body’s vibrations.  And they had real scientific technology for using crystals to manipulate vibrations very specifically - Atlanteans didn’t just pick up a crystal at the local bookstore and try to start healing with it.  Whether it was to be used for healing, or powering a house, Atlantean technology gave them access to many different specifically designed crystals, each designed to specific parameters according to their scientific knowledge of making each one a specific tool for a specific vibratory function.  There were thousands of specifically tuned crystals available for healing alone.  Using a quartz crystal without the extensive knowledge involved in using it properly,  is not only likely to be useless, but it can be harmful under certain circumstances.  In other instances, the placebo effect can induce healing though.

            For those who want to use crystal vibration healing techniques, there are viable alternatives from modern scientific research.  There are a couple of amazing devices that are close to the old Atlantean technology, but it took resources like government laboratories and scientists to develop them.  They are called the Electro-Acuscope, and the Electro-Myopulse, manufactured by a company called Electro-Medical, in Fountain Valley, California. While the devices use the same principles involved with Atlantean crystal healing (neutralizing disease frequency vibrations and transmitting healthy frequency vibrations), they use a somewhat different method of creating the body frequency vibrations (vibrational synthesis).  While not as sophisticated or powerful as the Atlantean technology, these amazing devices not only heal, but give the body and mind a “tune up” so it can function at its maximum potential.  We studied and tested these machines extensively and objectively for about 10 years.  It is our opinion that if every doctor used one,  hospitals would have about 90% less patients.  And while the devices remain relatively unknown, even suppressed, they are used by Super Bowl winning football teams,  PGA pro golfers,  Olympic athletes,  Walter Reed Hospital in Washington D.C. (where the top U.S. government politicians and military leaders go), and the Pope.

            So if you’re serious about vibrational healing these days, the company can give you a referral to a doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor who has one, or you can buy your own if you have the money. 


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