Chapter Two "My spiritual journey" continued...  

       His descriptions of their life evoked images that seemed like memories.  It was like experiencing Deja Vu, before even getting to the place/situation you have the Deja Vu experience at!  I felt as if I had been there before.  I was so excited I literally almost passed out.  I had discovered that there were actually people out there who were living by all the same values and ideas I’d come to believe were true.  And here I’d just totally given up on the possibility that other people who believed and felt as I did, even existed in real life!  Could it be I had finally found what I was searching for my whole life - just as I was permanently giving up? 

       As my mind raced with excitement and questions, the man gave directions and instructions for getting to one of their monasteries - in Tibet no less!  Then the screen went back to static, and there was never another show on that channel  (I later found out this was not a broadcast for the public, which will be explained in another chapter).  I didn’t understand how this could have happened, but nevertheless, it changed the direction of my life. I intuitively at least knew this much - it wasn’t a joke, hoax, or a hallucination.  My course was set.  While I was still only 17 years old, I was determined to change my life no matter what it took or where I had to go.  In fact, I was compelled to do so as a moth is drawn to a light.


[Author’s note:  Many of my experiences, such as those above, and those you will soon read, are very unusual.  This is because, even though I didn’t know it at the time, I was a high-ranking “teacher”, “priest” or “initiate monk” of our monastic order.  It is who and what I was in my previous life, it just hadn’t come to fruition in this life yet.  I was unaware of it at the time because I was in an a sort of “embryonic stage”.  Now I was being “called” home to fulfill my destiny.  This is similar to how Tibetan Buddhists seek out the new reincarnations of their head monks, yet obviously different in this case.


       Since the first printing of this book, people have contacted us wanting to enter one of our monasteries.  But our monasteries have always been private, designated for those already of the order who have reincarnated.  Although a few newcomers are accepted by “head monks”, the occasions are rare, and new monks are only accepted after long periods of demonstrating readiness.

            However, people wanting spiritual growth and fellowship also have another alternative to the traditional monastery - they can now start or join various local Golden Rule programs with the help of the new Golden Rule Organization (GRO).  These programs provide some of the benefits of a monastery, without the need for moving, changing jobs, or having a teacher.  Information on GRO and the Golden Rule Workbook are at the end of the book.


A few people have been irrationally obsessed with details about Atlantis, my journey, my personal life, or the locations of our monasteries.  Most people are understandably curious, but not obsessed.  However, because of the nature and purpose of this book, there’s really no reason to elaborate on those topics, while there are reasons not to.  The sole purpose of this book is to present detailed spiritual teachings and demonstrate making personal spiritual changes, using my experiences as an example.  While we tried to make it very interesting, this isn’t a novel or “story” book, and it is a waste of effort, time and money, to fill it with stories that don’t teach a spiritual lesson of some kind. It is also not the book’s purpose to be a biography of my (or my family’s) personal private life, nor to present evidence of ancient historical or archeological discoveries.  There are many interesting books that focus on ancient history, lost civilizations, free power systems, etc. (Like the David Childress books).  But this really isn’t the book for you if that’s what you’re primarily interested in. This book was written only for those who are primarily interested in spiritual truths and spiritual growth, not for those interested in irrelevant details and empty, useless knowledge. Thus, the only parts of “my story” it contains, are those that others might spiritually benefit from reading about.

       Also please keep in mind that this book isn’t about the story, it’s about the teachings.  So it also doesn’t matter to us if you don’t believe any of the story you are about to read.  But you can only benefit from all that life offers you if you keep an open mind, and judge everything independently.  We believe that everyone should question the validity of ALL teachings or beliefs, but only in light of whether the effects of them are good or bad.  The wise examine the value of any teaching or philosophy independently, judging it by the outcome of living by it.  Everything in life should be contemplated and examined regarding it’s benefits,  lack of benefits, or potential harm.  An alcoholic may tell you it’s bad to drink.  A fool may speak a wisdom.  A liar may be speaking the truth.  A three year old child may speak the most precious wisdom ever known to humankind, for the first time in history. Should they be disregarded? 

       So please consider the teachings separately from the story.  Read them with an open mind, then ask yourself - Do they stand the test of rationality?  Of goodness?  What would happen if I lived by these teachings?  What would happen if everyone in the world lived by them? What does my intuition tell me?  After that, THEN you should judge.

Privacy & The “Please Do Not Disturb” Sign

       As mentioned earlier, this book is not about the monastery either.  The monastery is but a place, and within the context of this book, it is used as a backdrop for the story and discussions that present the spiritual teachings. 

       Those of our order wish to remain undisturbed and anonymous, as do I.  Our order is not alone in this.  Regardless of religion, those who decide to become a cloistered nun or monk, do so to devote themselves to a spiritual life, and chose the monastic path because they want solitude and to be in an isolated environment, away from the “outside world”, so they can live and practice their religion, unmolested and without distraction.  That is part of what every monastery/convent is for, and provides. Thus, no monastery would want the kind of attention a book like this would bring to it - even more so in our case.  As mentioned earlier in the book, we have legitimate reasons for maintaining the secrecy we have cherished for thousands of years.  But later you will read about some new reasons that further substantiate that need.  Also, those of us who travel and work in the outside world, also need our privacy and anonymity in order to do our work and live in relative peace.  In summary, since our order wishes to live quietly, in solitude, undisturbed and unmolested, this book has been deliberately written to avoid any references that might jeopardize our solitude and privacy, including the location of monasteries.]

The Fool takes his First Steps

       As wild as this may sound to some people, there really are “forces” of what you might call “light and darkness” (or good and evil) that work behind the scenes of this limited physical world we seem to live in.  I didn’t understand it at the time, other than having an “intellectual” grasp of the concept, which was far from being in touch with the realities of what that meant.  Unbeknownst to me,  “they” knew my every move.  While I was being guided and somewhat protected by the forces of Light, the other side was trying to throw me off track, or destroy me.  The outcome would ultimately depend on the choices I would make.

       My first “test” and struggle was to be with the major resistance I encountered  from my family and friends.  They didn’t like the whole idea.  They didn’t want me to leave, and they didn’t like the idea of me joining others of like-mind.   Generally, people would rather keep you with them in the hole they’re in, rather than let you get out and offer a helping hand to help them out of the hole.  So those of us who want to get out of the hole ourselves, often not only don’t get support, we get just the opposite.  We get people (and sometimes “events”) doing everything they can to prevent it and keep us in the hole.


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