qray bracelet

q-ray bracelet (ionized ?) used by most of our monks?

[The following excerpt is from a newsletter where Jon Peniel discusses the qray bracelet, the rayma bracelet, reiki healing, chi/ULE (Universal Life Energy), etc. ]

I first saw qray bracelets on TV in a hotel room during a trip. An 'infomercial' was showing people talking about their experiences with something called the qray bracelet, and that it created pain relief. 

They compared it to magnet therapy pain relief (very popular in Japan initially, and now sold in many pharmacies). They talked about how they were different and superior to magnet or copper bracelets (I believe copper was used by Native Americans for such things). 

But here's where it got a little weird, the qray bracelet people were giving both a vague description of how it worked, and one that made no scientific sense to me. 

The vague part was that it was allegedly used to balance yin and yang energy.  Well, to me, they didn't really say how, or what that meant. Which doesn't have to mean anything, but I like some facts, common sense and science with my potatoes.

As a long time student of martial arts, oriental philosophy and medicine for many decades, I understand what Yin and Yang mean, their significance, and how we who believe in religions or philosophies that incorporate the concept, strive to keep these forces in balance, (something like making sure the polarities of your batteries are equal and put in your remote properly - a bit of a lame analogy, but hopefully you get the point).

But while their infomercial and website offered nothing of what we'd call science, studies, and my own extensive studies of the words they were throwing around, something struck me. Testimonials.

Many infomercials are fake, so I initially was extremely doubtful. But those who know me would say I am very intuitive. I seem to be able to "read" sincerity. To me, the people speaking about their experiences with the qray bracelet were sincere. The question then was, were they really being helped by the qray bracelet itself, or was it placebo effect, or did they not want to give away some "secret"?  It's also not the first time that I'd experience testimonials having validity.

These "qray converts" also talked about how they'd tried magnet therapy pain relief, power bead bracelets, copper, etc., and how much better the qray ionized bracelets were. Obviously I understand the importance of balancing chi/ULE/reiki, but the only way I'd know if it seemed to have any effect, placebo or not, is to try one.  So I did.  

Also, people forget about the "positive placebo" effect and power of belief. When a top notch clinical trial is performed, people with the same condition are divided into two groups. One is give the drug to be tested, and the other, a "sugar pill" that they are told is the drug. The remarkable thing is, that "x" number of people given the sugar pill, sometimes like 40% or so, have positive results. But what they are looking for, is that if the group given the real drug has 60% improvement, it shows it works over the placebo threshold.  But what people forget, is THAT 40% or whatever, got better just by BELIEVING. Now that's what catches my interest and I find so remarkable. If I can get better 40% of the time with just my mind - wow.

Anyway, back to the bracelets. I have several bad joint injuries and minor arthritis-like problems from "strange" early childhood events (landing on my knees after falling down a sewer hole - it was a dark night, I was bike riding, and someone had removed the cover), and later martial arts injuries (hands, hips, knees, elbows, shoulders, wrists). I really hoped it would work. 

I put the qray bracelet on.  Nothing. Well, it said to give it 24 hours, then try a different arm.  But after a few hours, bingo - joint/arthritis pain relief (I have no idea if this would give pain relief to various forms of arthritis or serious joint problems however - please don't get your hopes up if you're looking for something like that).  

But my qray bracelet turned out to be so much more for me than just a pain reliever.  I haven’t done full exercise and martial arts workout for over a year - not because of pain, but because of not having enough energy to do it without "forcing myself".  The day after putting the qray bracelet on, I had the energy and stamina to begin it again, and am still doing it.  I was also not as tired.  

I looked into it some more, and while their literature is vague, it sounds like the q-ray bracelet may do something similar to what our yoga energy flow techniques do, but automatically, all the time, and 24 hours a day (balancing the body's yin/yang energies and acupuncture meridians) (this isn't a substitute for a good yoga workout though!) .  

They said many athletes used them, and some claimed a 15% increase in strength. But again, I can't say because the info was so vague, I didn't know the people making the claims, and I couldn't afford to set up a true university study. 

Now, some people may be helped because of positive placebo effect.  And if it does, that's great, because it means the power of your mind helped you.  I believe that what I experienced was a technological effect of some kind, not just the power of the mind.

But they may not work for everyone. One of my adult sons has diabetes, chronic pain in his shoulders, and diabetes related insomnia.  The bracelets didn’t help his pain.  Another student, a masseuse, said she had good results with pain in her wrists (but I wouldn't give that much credence because she's rather a hypochondriac.  Another, who had no pain, just reported an increase in energy).

Since it's not a sure thing, I asked Windsor Hill (the company that hosts our site in return for marketing products) to offer them with a great full satisfaction guarantee so everyone can try it. Most of us know someone with pain, even if we don’t have it ourselves, or we need more ULE (you can never have enough!).  So as our spiritual philosophy states, think of others first. It could make a great gift, and if after sometime the person is still wearing it, well, it may mean that it is doing something for them (or they just get complements on the style - I do). All I know for sure, is I’m VERY impressed with mine, and am on my 3rd one. 

I started with the cheapest one, $50, but it’s not flexible so you can’t take it on and off easily.  Then I found a “deluxe” natural finish model (there’s also a gold plated deluxe model), which is flexible and easy to take on and off. Then we found a company in Spain (I think they were called Rayma bracelets). They claimed to be the originators, and had one identical to the $180 qrays (but with gold plated end knobs but a silvery finish flexible band, for the same price as the inflexible $50!) We wanted to pass the savings on, so offer those too.

Read the directions if you get it.  You can’t use it if you have any electrical implants, including a pacemaker, and must remove it for electrical treatments, x-rays, etc. It can also be ruined via abuse of the instruction (the guarantee doesn't cover ruining it). 

They say the “ion charge” of the bracelets lasts for a year or two.  Anyway, you can order yours on line (below) or call 800 845 7991.  And let us know your experiences with them!!!  

Rayma Bracelets - Flexible and Fashionable. 


We’ve just found a great new supplier, and can now offer the beautiful & fashionable “easy on, easy off” flexible surgical stainless steel bracelet with 18K gold plated tips for $49.95!
Compared to the $180 bracelet below, we have found that these are just as effective. Jon switched to this one and found that it worked just as well for him.

Currently Unavailable. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Q-ray, Rayma, ionized bracelet

Caution: Do not use the bracelets on this page if you wear a pacemaker or electric implants of any kind or are allergic to metal.

Windsor-Hill Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee (applies only to the $49.95 natural finish model):  If you aren't happy with it, return it undamaged, unscratched with it's original packing materials within 30 days, and we'll give you a full refund.  This doesn't apply towards upgrading to a deluxe model.  


Size Chart

Natural Finish Size: Fits Wrist Circumference: 
Small 6 to 7 inches
Medium 7 to 7 3/4 inches
Large above 7 3/4 inches

Note: This bracelet may change colors due to the finish. It is also non-flexible and thus not easy to frequently remove and put on (although in most circumstances, you never take them off)

Currently Unavailable. Sorry for the inconvenience.

qray bracelets


Size Chart

Deluxe Natural Finish Size: Fits Wrist Circumference: 
$139.95 Extra Small under 6 inches
Small 6 to 7 inches
Medium 7 to 7 3/4 inches
Large above 7 3/4 inches

This model is 18/24K gold electroplated, made with flexible Surgical Steel, it retains its shape and is easy to take on and off.

Q-ray, ion bracelets


Currently Unavailable. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Size Chart

Deluxe Gold Finish Size: Fits Wrist Circumference:
$179.95 Extra Small under 6 inches
Small 6 to 7 inches
Medium 7 to 7 3/4 inches
Large above 7 3/4 inches

This model is 18/24K gold electroplated, made with flexible Surgical Steel, it retains its shape and is easy to take on and off.

Currently Unavailable. Sorry for the inconvenience.

qray, magnetic bracelets

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