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Night! The fragrance of a warm summer
night suffuses all Nature. The firmament
studded with stars glowing like diamonds, a
net of glistening loveliness, through which
the dark beauty of night is fading.
Soft, living Light invades the clear atmos-
phere like golden vapor. It increases
steadily, penetrating and covering every-
thing. Bathed in its radiance, there appear
glittering diamond peaks, mountains of topaz
and amethyst, massive rocks of emerald,
gigantic monoliths of sapphire, as steps lead-
ing to higher regions. The Light grows in
strength, investing all things with color and
warmth. These are no rays of a sun rising
from behind the hills, but a glowing radiance
emanating from everywhere, embracing
everything, and increasing like some strain
of music: and indeed, there is music in the
air. Gentle melodies are trembling, soft
harmonies are vibrating, and mysterious
echoes answer them.
Set amidst these precious mountains,
surrounded by a grove of gigantic trees so
lofty that they appear to be talking with the
clouds, stands a Palace, large as a city and of
wondrous beauty. The walls of it are streams
of Light rising from the ground and playing
in all the colors of the rainbow. Its flat
roofs, towers and domes are golden clouds
upon which the glow of the spreading Light
is shedding its morning splendor.
And still the Light grows in strength.

Through the golden roof of the Palace rises
an innumerable procession of Beings, each
one seeming more wonderful than the other.
Of almost similar height and size are they,
but how different each one! Some are like
fiery lava streaming from the crater of a
volcano; some are like moonrays made living
beings; some like roaring waterfalls with
rainbows playing about their heads; some
like precious stones become alive. Their won-
derful bodies appear in all their unhidden glo-
ry: no covering conceals their Eternal beauty.
And eyes, such as when the Spirit Itself looks
on the World It has created, full of supreme
majesty and power, full of Infinite Love, are
shining from under their divine brows!
Two of these Beings rise with the rest
from the depths of the Palace, and like twin
stars stand tenderly embraced on the top of
the highest tower. More radiant, more
wonderful than the others are they. Like a
brilliant star is the countenance of one. His
body, taller and stronger than that of his
Mate, is like a phosphorescent opal. Streams
of living Light are flowing through his body
and making it shine in iridescent hues. His
eyes are lightning; a purple cloud his hair;
and when he speaks and when he moves, far
away thunder Is heard.............Golden
and shining is his Companion, his body
woven of sun-rays, his hair a glowing flame,
his eyes reflecting the glory of Heaven itself;
and when he speaks and when he moves, soft
harmonies fill the air.

With gestures of adoration they raise their
arms in triumphant song---greeting to the
Spirit, thanks to the Great Giver. Their
brothers follow them in the song; all Nature
joins in this hymn of gratitude. Birds and
animals, trees and flowers, rocks and clouds,
waters and the ground itself, sing the eternal
praise of all beings to The One Supreme
Being, their Divine Father. Stronger and
more wondrous grows the great song, flood-
ing the Universe with praise and love; it rises
to a thunder of triumph, and dies away in
Silence! A limpid breeze moves the air,
and each one feels within himself the words,
"Live and Love." The Great Spirit, The
Father, is communing with His children.
Infinite bliss fills every being, and pervades
the Universe. The Day of Heaven has
But the triumphant band passes out of
sight; the roofs are deserted; and the two,
the Heavenly Twins, sink back into the
Palace. And there they stand within the
great tower in the very midst of it. High,
circular walls surround them, but there are
no openings in those walls. Deep and mys-
terious is the material out of which they are
built; precious also is it, for its name is
Silence. And upon those mighty walls of
Silence, towering high up into the free air,
are set lofty pillars. Precious also is the ma-
terial from which they are made, shining in
all the colors of the rainbow; their name is

Hope. And through these pillars of Hope
stretching their slender shafts into the high-
est air, are sailing golden clouds. Silent they
move through the tower of Silence; but the
birds with the rustling of their wings, do not
dare to fly through because of the sacred
A Upon these pillars of Hope rests a glorious
dome, effulgent as a sun, and Joy is the
material out of which the dome is made. And
the floor upon which they stand is a trans-
parent crystal, a gigantic lens, and through
that lens the whole Universe appears stretched
out at their feet. Worlds without number,
all stars, sun-systems, chains of planets, all
beings, every thing, the greatest and the
smallest, can be seen through that crystal.
Understanding is the material out of which
that floor is made. With their feet firmly
established on Understanding, with Silence
surrounding them, with Hope towering over
them and with Joy crowning them, stand the
two, keeping watch over the World.
And the one whose voice is like thunder
speaks to his Mate.
Oh! Thou loved One! Thou, radiant Joy
of the World! Once more we stand ready to
fulfil our charge, to carry out our duties in
the eternal scheme-Thou the Love of the
World, I the Mind of it. All knowledge, all
power are ours. Why then must we every
morning adore, greet as our Master, One
Whom none has ever seen? Thou art from
Eternity, and I am from Eternity, and so are

all our brothers. Yet who has ever seen the
One Who claims to be our Father and Who is
called God? True it is that every morning a
Voice speaks within us-but there is none can
tell whether it comes not from our very
selves. Why should we adore any longer
One Who remains a mystery to us? Enough
that we should be slaves to an unknown
master. Let us free ourselves from the bonds
by which we are now bound. All powers, all
forces are ours; therefore let us rule the
World-we two, the greatest powers of this
The answer came soft-winged, tender as
Love itself.
"Ah! Brother, Why these words of
pride, of revolt? Thou knowest-for thy
heart tells thee in spite of all-that there is a
God, that we have an invisible Father,
Who is also our loving Mother, and Who
enfolds us, His children, in His Divine
embrace. He thinks continually of us.
He plans ceaselessly for our joy. For us He
pours out into manifestation the endless
beauties, the transplendent wonders, from
the unmanifest regions of His Heart. And
He asks nothing from us but our love. Is it
so difficult to love Him Who so loves us?
Dismiss these thoughts of rebellion, forget
these proud words. Sorrow alone can come
from them, my Brother."
Like sudden thunder, like the bursting
of crashing floods, came the roaring, shatter-
ing outcry.

"What is this Hidden Power that can
compel Mind? Mind, the glittering lumin-
ary of all the Worlds, is regent in the
Universe. No servant's place shall I be satis-
fied to take. But if thou, oh my gentle Brother!
wilt not rule with me, and share my power,
then alone shall I command the World."
And with these words, swift as a streak
of lightning, he rises from the ground of
Understanding, through Silence, through
Hope, through radiant Joy, into the open.
Higher and still more high, past the precious
mountains, he climbs the lambent air, leav-
ing behind a blazing train of phosphorus,
until his feet touch the summit of the most
aspiring peak, the pinnacle of glittering
diamond. Poised on the shining spire, his
cry goes out to all the World.
"Spirits of Light! Sons of Eternity! The
day of freedom, of liberation, has come
to us! Free are ye born, free shall ye live!
No more adoration, no more praying to a
Master, to a God Whom none has ever seen.
From now, ye shall be your own masters.
Come all, come all to me, and ye shall be
And from the hidden parts of all the
World, myriads of Spirits, Sons of Light, are
gathering together. They surround the
diamond peak where stands the one whose
eyes are lightning, whose countenance is
like a blazing star. With words of adoration
they shout:
"Hail to thee, Lucifer! Son of the Morn-

ing! Hail to thee, Liberator! Our Leader,
our Master, our God!"
And he who is proclaimed the master of
the how, called the ruler of the World,
looks down upon those prostrate at his feet.
"I am your master, I am your god!
Follow me, for I alone can give you freedom;
new beauties shall ye discover through me,
new powers and forces shall ye wield. Ye
shall become more piercingly brilliant than
ever ye have been, like flaming diamonds,
more scintillating than the blazing suns.
But in the sacred grove, hidden amid the
giant trees, with sad eyes and a heavy heart,
stands one whose name is Love, words of
prayer falling from his lips.
"Father, Beloved One! Beating Heart
of all the Universe! Forgive them, for they
know not what they do. Him they call
God, Lucifer they acknowledge as supreme.
Yet he is nothing but Thy child, and all his
powers and beauties he has from Thee.
True it is he appears supreme, for his feet
touch the ground, his head reaches Heaven,
and his glory seems to fill all Space, yet they
are as deceived as he is himself. It is Thy
glory which is still shining through him, and
Thy power is taken for his own. Father,
forgive them, for they know not what they
do. Forgive my Brother, Lucifer, for he is
still the dearest to my heart: he also knows
not what he does!"
From his piercing height, Lucifer heard
the faithful, praying voice-and smiled on

him in contempt. But suddenly another
Voice, heavy with destiny, gathering in its
might the Unmeasured Energy of all the
"Lucifer! In Heaven all desires are
achievement. Thou wouldst be free-thou
shalt be free. Go thou, and all those who
worship thee, to that further plane to which
ye all belong. These Regions of Eternal
Light can bear thee no longer. Your bodies
cast shadows in the pure skies. Prom the
Spheres of Light to the outer, utmost void-
Thus the Voice from the Vaulted Silence:
and on the moment, a sudden burden as of
great heaviness falls on Lucifer and his
followers. They are no longer able to offer
resistance against its weight, and with a
blast of thunder and terror, they fall from
the Realms of Light into the somber void.
As they fall darkness grows denser about
them, until no spark of Light, no hope is
left to them. Par in the utter gloom, still
falling, they perceive a fiery region which
draws them swiftly to it with irresistible
force. And they are cast into an ocean of
fire, of smoke, of molten metal, of boiling
He who was the first to fall, is also the
first to rise again. And he sees his brothers,
his followers, once Spirits of Light, darkened,
disgraced, extinguished, thrown into that
abode of fire and suffering. And he calls to

"Rise, my brothers! Rise, ye who are
still the Sons of Light! True it is that from
the highest Spheres of Bliss, we have been
cast into this desolation. Yet all knowledge
is still mine, and thus all power, and I shall
make for you from this hell a new Heaven,
and this new Heaven shall be called Earth."
As he speaks the ages pass, the flaming
fields contract, the incandescence blazes
with a fainter heat, the fumes and vapors
gradually disperse, and a lustrous, glowing
planet, cradled in fire and beauty, is born.
The lovely Earth appears---green hills and
gentle slopes and flowery meadows, singing
brooks, clear rivers and the blue sea,
mountains and chasms and waterfalls.
And through enchanted forests birds of a
hundred colors are flying, and in the fields
animals are roaming. And Lucifer is pleased
with his creation and says:
"And now, my Brothers! Ye shall be the
inhabitants of this new Heaven and ye shall
be called human beings."
And wonderful beings, lofty of stature,
strong and comely, appear on the Earth:
they propagate and multiply, and rule the
Earth. And Lucifer is their king, their
So fair a world seemed a true semblance
of Heaven. But the canker of revolt which
had cast them from Heaven, still lived with
them. And the spirit of jealousy, hatred,
and pride begins to manifest itself, and
grows, and spreads, until the splendid

Earth becomes again a hell. But now they
are unable to bear any longer the suffering
which infests the Earth, and they .find no
help or relief from Lucifer. In their deep
despair, they remember their Father, and
turn to Him and pray again to God. And
God, their Father, hears the cry of His
children, and from His Heart sends down to
them His Own Love. And Love comes down
from Heaven to Earth, and Love becomes
a human being; and Love lives with human
beings and teaches human beings how to
But Lucifer, incarnate also as a human.
being, sees the menace to his power, and in
a passion of hate and jealousy rises against
his Brother and slays his Brother. And
God's Love shakes off the burden of the
Earth, and Earth is without Love again.
So sorrow and terror once more prevail, and
the suffering becomes intolerable. Again
human beings cry out to God for help.
And God, the Father, the loving Mother,
hears the cry of His children, and from His
Heart sends down to them His Own Love.
And Love comes down from Heaven to Earth
again and Love becomes a human being;
and Love lives with human beings, and
teaches them the Law of Love.
But Lucifer, the World's Mind, again
incarnate as a human being, rises against
his Mate, his Eternal Twin, and causes Him
to die, for he sees in Him the great menace
to his power. And once again, God's Love

returns to the Father, and again the earth is
void of Love.
So through the ages, whenever misery
and suffering increase upon the Earth so as
to make life intolerable, the children of the
Earth call out for a Deliverer. And always
Love, gentle and tender-hearted; comes to
their call and tries to save His brothers.
But Lucifer ever rises against Him, kills His
body, and destroys His work, for Love is the
continual menace to his power.
And when for the last time, God's Love
came down, to Earth, and lived the humble
life of a simple mortal, giving to Humanity
the greatest lesson that Love ever gave,
Lucifer, incarnate as a human being, rose
once more against his Brother, betrayed Him
and brought Him to His death upon the
cross. But He, of Whom the World was not
worthy, breathing His last breath, dying as
a felon upon the accursed tree, prayed for
those who had crucified Him:
"Father, forgive them, for they know not
what they do. Father, forgive my brother
Lucifer, for he knows not what he does."
These burning words of love struck
Lucifer like lightning in his heart, and he
went out and made an end to his human self.
And rising as a spirit, he beheld the great-
ness of his brother's Love, and the endless
evil of his own age-old sin. He saw the
sorrow and the suffering which came through
him to all beings; and he felt that cold and
stony heart of his melt and soften, and he

wept tears of blood, tears of fire. And those
tears fell on the Earth and the Earth trem-
bled to its very foundation.
Thus for the first time, after countless
ages of revolt, did Lucifer lift up his eyes to
God, and words of prayer fell from his lips:
"Father! I know the immensity of my
sin, and do not beg for forgiveness for
myself. For crimes like mine cannot be
atoned. But oh! my Father, forgive them,
those who followed me in my fall. Forgive
them, for they knew not what they did.
No fault was theirs but that they loved me
more than Thee, and listened to the magic of
my words, the glitter of my Mind, so that
Thy Laws were all forgotten. Therefore, I
pray Thee, forgive them and take them back
to Thee: let them return to those pure
Spheres of Light, where Bliss and Harmony
and Serenity are. But for myself, if by my
eternal damnation I can win their eternal
salvation, I am ready to be damned for
'Then from the Vaulted Silence, a Voice,
gathering in its might the Unmeasured
Energy of all the Worlds:
"Lucifer, thy sacrifice is accepted-and
through thy sacrifice shall the World be
And he, the proud one who had thought
himself a god, bent his knees, and with his
head touched the dust of the ground.
Like far-off thunder sounded his words:
"Father, I thank Thee!"

And once again the Voice:
"Lucifer, thou hast sinned much, but
thou hast also loved much. Infinite is thy
sin, but infinite also is thy sacrifice; there-
fore, art thou forgiven. Go into the World,
live among the children of the World, and
carry to them the Light of Knowledge puri-
fied by Love. Thus the veils of self-delusion
will be withdrawn one by one, limitations
will be removed, suffering conquered, sorrow
transmuted into Joy. And when the last
human fault shall have been destroyed,
when all thy brothers will have come hack to
Me, then only will come thy day of libera-
tion. Thy pinions of inspiration, singed by
the fires of hell, will have grown again
strong enough to lift thee from this Earth and
to bear thee back to Heaven. And there, at
the burnished Gates of Heaven, the Portals
of Eternal Harmony, shall Love, thy
Brother, thine Eternal Mate, be waiting for
thee, to lead thee back to Me!"
And Lucifer went into the World. And
Lucifer taught the World. And to the World
Lucifer carried the Light of Pure Knowledge,
glowing with the flame of Love.

Night! The fragrance of a warm summer
night pervades all things. The firmament
blazing with stars, and beyond the stars
darkness softly fading away. The radiant
Palace, the sacred grove, and above them,
the mountains of precious stones. And in
the sacred grove whose trees are talking with

the clouds, rest in sleep myriads of Beings of
Eternal Light. Beneath the loftiest tree,
the loftiest king of all the woods, lies one
whose countenance is as a God's. He lies
in deep slumber; and bending over him,
calling him softly with words of Love,
stands his Mate, his Twin.
"Brother! Loved one, awake! Arise, my
Lucifer! The night is fading fast, and
soon the Day of Heaven will begin. Now
must we sing again the praises to our
Father, and lift our voices in adoration and
gratitude to God."
Like far-off thunder came the questioning
words from trembling lips, and out of
sorrowful eyes a flash of lightning: "Oh!
Where am I?"
And the answer: "Thou art in Heaven,
But again the question: "Where have I
been these ages? This fall, this suffering
through countless years; and always fighting
thee, my loved one, destroying thy work and
killing thee. Where have I been?"
"Not for a single moment of time hast
thou left Heaven, Lucifer. But with thy
brothers in the sacred grove, beneath the
great trees, hast thou slept the night,
instead of with me in the Palace. Lonely
was I, my Brother, for I missed thy pres-
"But these sorrows, these nights of dark-
ness that I saw and lived? This suffering,
these crimes, this agony? What were they

all-whence came they and where have they
And the answer-burning words of Love
"Beloved! It was nothing but a Dream."



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