Beware of False Teachers and Web Sites Using Our Name

Sadly, we had to discontinue the old "free access" GRO friend finder database because of abuse. 

Negativity seeks out positivity. Those of light, or striving for it, have always had to deal with resistance and attack. Look what happened to the Dalai Lama, his people and country, or Jesus. The list is endless as time, and as long as the existence of good people. Thus, a positive spiritual database like ours, draws those working hard on spiritual growth, those not working so hard, and those who would corrupt those on a spiritual path (or searching for their path), like a moth to a light. Thus giving uncontrolled access to such a database is like offering free bank vault keys to the robber division of the local jail. But we will overcome (someone said that didn't they?). 

We consider doing harm, or attempting to mislead someone's spiritual growth, the most serious crime there is. We believe that the spiritual condition, consciousness of the soul, is the most important aspect of our being. So if someone harms another's potential for spiritual growth or spiritual enlightenment, it is essentially spiritual murder, or attempted spiritual murder, and can make it so someone continues to be lost in darkness. Thus, we cannot, will not be a part of it by providing a database for it. People on whatever path they choose, should be allowed to have a safe haven where those seriously involved, can communicate, network, and support each other. Those who've chosen this path deserve the same. I know some are going to see this as separatist, but we are anything but. We support all who are dedicated to working together, cooperation, in kindness, harmlessness and compassion, regardless of other beliefs. That's what the Golden Rule Organization is all about. 

Case in point, we heard from several readers and supporters that some are abusing our name, presenting themselves as some kind of teacher, master, "near master", or "high up" hierarchical member, and are creating their own web sites and message boards using OUR name, or are attempting to mislead others by posing as a "master" or such on message boards that are used by people who are sincerely working on themselves spiritually. 

We believe in fighting for freedom, justice, and protecting innocents. That includes things like self-defense, and the use of the legal system for good and righteous causes. 

How would you like it if after you’d read our book, and wanted to get in touch with us, did a web search, and instead of reaching us and our site, you got a site of someone representing themselves as us, presenting themselves pompously, and trying to sell you long distance “over the internet” enlightenment, initiation, illumination, or so called secret aspects of our teachings? And you believed you’d found OUR web site or message board!!! How would you like it if you were looking for the site for Tibetan Buddhism and the Dalai Lama, and were falsely directed to a site that had nothing to do with either, but represented themselves as the Tibetan Buddhist order? Or if you were catholic, and looking for the official church site, and were mislead to a false one, that you assumed was the site for the catholic church? I don’t think you’d like it. And imagine if you were an organization dedicated to helping others spiritually and improving the world, providing spiritual teaching free, and someone took your name illegally to snare people searching for you.

Just like people have used keywords like “Monica Lewinsky” to redirect people searching for info on Lewinsky to their site, just to sell music CD’s, x rated videos, or whatever, there are unscrupulous profiteers doing the same with our name, and representing themselves as us. 

It would be one thing if people doing this had legitimate claim to the name, and were doing it to help people, or redirecting them to our site, but if they aren’t, it’s not only wrong and immoral, it’s illegal, and we need to use the modern legal system to protect those seeking us. 

These alleged masters or "near masters" have nothing to do with us, are not our friends or supporters, and in fact are creating a bad/misleading image of us by using our name and speaking as if they are one of us (actually, not even just one of us, but some kind of master or "near master"). Perhaps they think they are one of us (but then why havn't they contacted us in friendship - they know of our existence), perhaps they have an agenda against us, perhaps it’s an ego trip, perhaps… In any case, people who are searching for us, may end up illegitimately being routed to these false so called masters instead. 

And the methods they use to “get” other people - that we have big issues with, especially representing themselves as us, using our name, and getting search engine hits for themselves from people looking for us. Since this reflects on us to those who believe they are dealing with us, it is intolerable. 

Our advice to these self proclaimed "masters" or "near masters", is to seek a dose of humility and the Golden Rule to cure their greed, and self-centeredness/self-aggrandizement. 

If you think you have met an individual or teacher using our name or claiming to be associated with us in any way, and want to verify their authenticity, please do contact us for verification. There are many imposters out there with a good line that can mislead the innocent.

We are a registered non-profit, the name has been used before the public for decades, the name is trademarked, etc.. (what a state things have come to! – having to “register” to be a recognized spiritual organization, or keep our name from being abused!). 

We wish such people would just apologize, and stop illegally using our name. 

But anyone who doesn't is essentially saying “go ahead and sue me” and their wish will be granted, by their own actions, because they are forcing our hand. 

Thank you and love to you all

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