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A “laying on of hands” energy healing method called “reiki”, has been getting quite popular lately.  What is reiki?  Reiki is a Japanese word that basically means “universal life energy” in English, and means many different things in Japan other than the reiki healing system.

Before we get started, please understand that I’m not a “naysayer” regarding reiki healing.  It can and does work for some people.  But we’ll discuss why, and why it’s possible to go beyond what is taught and practiced in the reiki healing system.

The history of reiki

The history of the reiki healing system, is quite vague, and there are many variations of the story.  This is particularly odd since it was started relatively recently - in the mid 1900’s.  One might expect the history of an ancient system, or ancient religion that is thousands of years old, to be obscure, but not something that’s less than a hundred.  It should be well documented and crystal clear.  Nevertheless, we’ll endeavor to give you the gist of the history of reiki, and then discuss our free reiki methods.

Like I said, there are various stories, but basically, in 1914, a Japanese man named Usui, wanted to be able to learn and teach the laying on of hands healing like Jesus used. After allegedly studying Buddhist scriptures on healing, and Sanskrit symbols, Usui said he was hit by a beam of light, and spiritually given the healing method, and symbols used in, the practice now known as “reiki”. One reiki buff, believes it to be a lost Tibetan Buddhist healing art.


Reiki practitioners believe the healing techniques and abilities must be given from a reiki master, to those wishing to do reiki healing.  These abilities are “imparted” for a fee, in stages.  In each stage, you get a new “secret symbol” and an “attunement”, that allows you to perform the next level of healing.  Practitioners believe that a reiki master must “give” the various levels of ability to someone.  Completing instruction often costs $10,000.

The Problems with, and Limitations of, reiki Techniques

Like I said, reiki healing can and does work sometimes.  My whole point is that there is an even more advanced method for reiki flow, and a better one.  One that is just a small part of our overall teachings, and something that should be learned as a whole with the rest of the teachings/training, just as the Buddhist and Christian methods that Usui was trying to mimic, were learned by monks and teachers as just a part of their overall path.

To give you a better idea of what that means, and why that’s a problem, let’s look at it in a couple of different ways.  First, let’s say that instead of a Buddhist monastery, we have a police academy.  And instead of energy techniques, we have firearms.  Police have long been trained to use firearms, as PART of their overall training.  But now someone comes along who is only interested in guns, and finds an obsolete gun manual.  And gets a gun.  Learning how to shoot a gun, is just a very small part of all the other training involved in using it properly, responsibly, and as just a part of a whole life calling/profession. Who would you rather have running around on the streets protecting you, or interacting with you?  A regular guy with a gun but no training in discrimination or law?  Or a person who is fully trained in law enforcement?  And who is likely going to be able to use a gun better?  Or looking at it still another way, if you needed a surgeon, who would you want to work on you? Someone who scoured medical school libraries for a method of surgery, studied manuscripts on it, had a flash of light, and got to where they could do a crude job of it?  Or someone who actually trained in surgery at a medical school, interned in a hospital, AND also mastered the rest of the medical or ethical training involved in being a doctor and surgeon?  Energy healing may seem harmless in comparison, after all, if it doesn’t work you just laid your hands on someone and wasted a bit of time, right?  Far from it.  The implications of successfully healing someone, are far more serious than having a bad surgeon. 

You see, Usui, was not a Buddhist monk, he did not train in a Buddhist monastery.  Yet he studied Buddhist teachings on healing techniques in an effort to discover something like the laying on of hands healing used by Jesus.  The point is, healing techniques would be just part of the entire training and knowledge a monk might normally receive.  Including how to know when it is, and isn’t, appropriate to use such techniques. The CLO is the same way. Our energy and healing training, which is identical to what Jesus used (since Jesus both trained in these same methods, and was our order’s grand master) is a very small part of our overall training and path, and should not be separated from it.  In fact, besides being less effective without the other disciplines and meditation training, it could be dangerous.  This is the same reason that traditional martial arts training involved meditation and “ego-busting”.  You don’t want a kung-fu expert wandering around who is still subject to his selfish desires and fears.  You want one who has learned to be kind, compassionate, and harmless.  The same with healing methods.  Some people need their pain and suffering, to learn from.  And if you are able to take it away, but not yet of the consciousness to know if it would be right for someone, then you could be doing more harm than good with your healing. In fact, MOST people, the vast majority of who might need or want healing, need their problem until they change something spiritually/mentally/emotionally.  Taking that opportunity away from someone is a serious spiritual crime – you are likely to be depriving them of the opportunity provided by their own karma, karmic opportunities they desperately need for their spiritual path and growth.  And the soul, the spirit, is far more important than the body.  The body is a temporary vehicle.  It is going to die someday anyway.  But the soul is forever, and can live in bondage or freedom depending on the spiritual choices someone makes in life.  Would you take that freedom from someone just because you want to make their body better temporarily, or worse, because you have an ego trip about being a healer?  Learning to leave things to God’s will, is not just a good idea, it is vital.

We have been using “reiki” (universal life energy) techniques for healing, rejuvination, and consciousness raising, since the beginning of history.  As PART of our overall learning and training.  Would you prefer training and information on such things, that was just “come upon” by a Japanese man in the 1900’s? Or from the masters and originators of such methods, that he “re-discovered” (that were never lost in the first place)?  If you want to become a PI or cop, and learn how to use a gun, would you prefer training from your neighbor who learned from a guy who started shooting after reading a book about guns and having a “mystical experience” about it? Or would you want to learn from a professional FBI instructor?

Advanced reiki - Going Beyond Ritual

In the field of magic, you know, like black magic, white magic, etc., there are various levels of learning and skill.  Being able to do magic with just thought, is the highest form.  Ritual magic, is the lower form. Ritual magic involves the use of magical “props”, “symbols”, and ceremonies.  Ritual magic is how a magician begins learning however.  Using the props and ceremonies helps a magician believe in the magic, and thus develop their thought ability. When one believes something is real, the mind begins to make it real. But once mastered, the magician learns that only the mind is required. 

Reiki involves using “symbols”.  If this helps the practitioner, that’s ok.  But we know that the same energy, actually more, can be wielded with just visualization.  And more effectively.  When a CLO monk is learning healing, they begin with the breathing exercises and energy flow visualization that is done with the Star exercise.  This “triggers” the mind, belief, and generates the energy flow without the need for, or limitation of, symbols.  Advanced reiki, see?   Then it is merely a matter of directing your energy where you want it, via visualization.

Another thing I’ve seen reiki practitioners do, that should be changed to practice advanced reiki and be more effective, is not concentrating when doing a healing. It is far more effective if you close your eyes, be quiet, have quiet, and concentrate on visualizing the energy flow.  This has been proven using scientific instruments. 

Complete instruction in the Star Exercise is given in both the book, The Children of the Law of One™  & the Lost Teachings of Atlantis, and on this website under the “free mediations” link. The Star Exercise is the single most advanced method of generating “reiki” (Universal Life Energy) there is, and it works both to rejuvenate you, stimulate your spiritual growth, and can be used for healing.  Call it “advanced reiki” if you will – it requires no “attunement”, no one to “give you your abilities”, works for novices and advanced practitioners, and it’s free.

Further instruction in using Universal Life Energy for healing and rejuvenation, can be found in the book “Science of Being”, which is also available as an ebook online on our website.

Just remember, don’t interfere with the Will of the Universal Spirit.  It is best not to pray for healing, nor practice it, until you are enlightened and are only capable of doing what is within God’s will.  And even then, remember, you won’t be doing many healings, even though you will be capable of the same feats as Jesus. Jesus did not ordinarily do such healings, but was making a point with his entire life, that included doing so at that time - so that all would hear of and remember his teachings of self-sacrifice and unselfish love.

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Since we are speaking of ULE (Universal Life Energy) and spiritual energy healing techniques, I thought I should pass along to you information about an amazing thing I’ve been using for a couple of months now.  (story continued, click here - qray bracelet for chi

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