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About the Children of the Law of One (CLO),

an Ancient Monastic Order

It’s amusing that while religious scholars know of hundreds of ancient texts and so-called gospels that were excluded from the modern bible, the existence of ancient spiritual orders who had access to such texts, is an arguable issue to many people. But the fact is, some people find our very existence absurd, and the ancient texts we’ve studied and lived by, equally as absurd.

There was recently a show on the “History Channel” called “Banned from the Bible”. It is about the hundreds of texts, most considered legitimate, that were excluded from the bible centuries after Jesus’ crucifixion, for various political or sexist reasons. For instance, there were far more apostles of Jesus than there are gospels. Why? Surely, each one of them would have told their story. The truth is, they did. But some were considered Gnostic texts, and some were by or about Mary (Jesus’ mother) or Mary Magdalene, who we and others consider Jesus’ head disciple. Women were deliberately cut out of most roles of spiritual importance by the church of that time. Mary Magdalene is even commonly slandered as being a prostitute, yet  the bible says no such thing about her. Thus, to those who have a more open mind, the wealth of information provided by such texts, and by a lineage of individuals handing down such teachings from person to person, and the information found in the “Lost Teachings of Atlantis”, can be rejected as a flight of fancy, or can be a valuable and exciting addition to the knowledge available to them.

While to you this may seem to be some new religion that just came out of the blue, we are anything but. It was started by Jesus long before his days in Nazareth or Jerusalem. Our order is so old that to us, Buddhism  is modern. Christianity, and even ancient Egyptian religion, are also newer.

Our order’s name translates in English to the somewhat cumbersome, “The Children of the Law of One™ “. While it was mentioned many times in the Edgar Cayce readings (Edgar Cayce was the most documented psychic in the world who lived in the first half of the 20th century), we have remained relatively unknown to the world, deliberately cloistered and private.  Many official or unofficial members of the CLO have worked in the background throughout history, keeping as discreet as possible, with a few exceptions.

We have often chosen to live in solitude in monasteries, or do any necessary spiritual work in the world, in privacy and behind the scenes. It was much easier to work amongst, and help others that way. There have always been about 1000 teachers/monks of our order, throughout the world at any one time. Some were in monasteries, some were not.  Some worked towards influencing rulers and kings towards being kind and harmless (as best as possible).  Others furthered inspiring arts and enlightened sciences. Others wandered and comforted those in need. Others helped individuals who wanted to, to turn from a life of selfish misery, to living in harmony with the Universal Spirit, and finding the peace of mind of being harmless, compassionate, and helping others help themselves.

There were monasteries of ours in the US since the 1960’s. There have been lodges and societies in the US, since the country’s inception. Our former central monastery in Tibet was destroyed, and many monks killed, over 35 years ago.  In 1998 we went public with this site and books about the ancient teachings and how to find inner peace by following simple Universal Laws, rather than breaking them. At this point,  we aren’t sure how many true teachers there are left in the world.  You see,  this is an organization that’s not an organization. What we mean is that if someone is actively working at being kind, compassionate and unselfish,  whether they’ve ever heard of this book,  us, or the CLO,  they are indeed CLO.  You don’t need a membership card to be one of the Children.  This is good in the sense that it’s pretty hard to eradicate a target you can’t see.  So while there have been some apparently tragic happenings,  rest assured that CLO folks are still hard at work around the globe,  fostering love for all, liberty for all and compassion for all.

This website is hosted by Golden Rule Organization (GRO). They do website design & hosting, search engine optimization, order taking & fulfillment, publishing.  They provide the website for us to get our messages out. We provide content, and are solely responsible for it. Purchasing from this site allows us to have a forum and promotes the messages in our books, etc..

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