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Getting the Most From Your Vibrational Sounds

We get a lot of orders for the very powerful and popular Vibrational Sounds that Jon and Jean created back in the day.  Folks ask how to best use them to get the optimal results – here is some info for you!  Enjoy, and feel free to call if you need help, advice on which titles to choose or more info!

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Getting the most of your Vibrational Sounds CD

This CD is a powerful self-help tool, allowing you to achieve deep states of relaxation and access to your subconscious mind.

This program is most effective when used with stereo headphones, as this helps to create a relaxing and soothing environment for the script and can help to drown out any ambient noise that may be present.

The unique Vibrational Sounds versions utilize binaural beats and EMDR to assist you in achieving a broad state of receptivity to the affirmations. These techniques work best when stereo headphones are used.

For best results, sit in a comfortable chair or preferably, lay flat on your back. Start your Cd and adjust the volume to the level that is perfect for you. This is your own personal quite time, just for you. There is no need to concentrate on the sounds or affirmations. Just relax.

The CD will now take you on a guided journey helping you to realize and fulfill your hidden potential.  Once you are used to your program, you may find that you doze off during the induction or affirmations and don’t awake until the trigger words “wide awake” at the end of the script. This is normal and indicates that you are entering a deep theta brain wave state.

You may find with continued use that you no longer “doze” but instead feel a very deep relaxation while remaining conscious of the affirmations. This happens because your mind has become accustomed to remaining cognizant in these states and can now utilize these deeper levels of brain wave function to affect change.

Warning: DO NOT use the CD’s while driving a vehicle, or doing any other physical activity.

This CD contains brain wave entrainment and self-hypnosis techniques. Please consult a physician before using.

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