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Are you descended from survivors of Atlantis? Read what National Geographic Explorers found. Do monks in Tibet have the complete
Dead Sea scrolls/original Bible and far more (see History Channel story)? Did Edgar Cayce predict it?
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ARE contact info

Contact Information for the A.R.E.

There are constant changes at the ARE, so this info may be very outdated.  If you wish to contact anyone there, we suggest you call and find and ask for the people in various positions. We have heard that they are refusing to give out email address, or put through phone calls, but this is just what we’ve been told, Jon Peniel gave up trying to get a response from anyone there years ago.

Contact by phone/fax:   800/333-4499   Fax: 757/422-6921

Executive Director:        Charles Thomas Cayce

Board of Trustees:         Harvey A. Green, Chairperson
P. Lawrence Hester, Vice Chairperson
Charles Thomas Cayce, President/E.C. Foundation

Trustees:                        Richard Daily
VirDella S. Denwiddie
Ray A. Howell
John LaPrelle
Paul C. MacMurray
Raye C. Mathis
Max Preston
Patricia Rosenblad
Karla Siedschlag
Eunice E. Welsch
Kathleen Welsch

Trustees Emeritus:        Edgar Evans Cayce
Eric Jenson

The A.R.E.’s “Venture Inward” Magazine Editor:    Bob Smith.   (the person who hired the “book reviewer” for the Children of the Law of One & the Lost Teachings of Atlantis, “edited” the reviewer’s “review”, and gave the OK for publishing the “review”. We were told by an insider that he refused an earlier opportunity for a review by an ARE employee, because it was “too positive”)

You might be able to reach any of the board members via email or mail to the corporate secretary, (was Kathleen Reilly) at the A.R.E. Letters may be individually addressed to each or any board member and then sent to Kathleen for forwarding.

attn: Kathleen Reilly
215 67th St.
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

You may attempt to email Kathleen with a request of which any or all of the board members you’d like to see your email at that may now be invalid.


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