CLO teachers

I want a spiritual teacher monk of the CLO order.

How do I get one?

If you think you have met a CLO teacher and want to verify their authenticity, please do contact us for verification. There are those who claim to be “Law of One”, or CLO teachers, who are imposters with a good line that can mislead the innocent. On the other hand, there is a lot of great material out there and some wonderful beings who have a lot to offer.  Follow your heart on that question,  feel free to contact us if you’d like to share info you have found. Everything you need to know to change yourself is in the Lost Teachings of Atlantis, other books, and within you. We particularly recommend The Golden Rule Workbook for changing your life and spiritual growth at home, with friends ad family or in groups you create yourself with others of like mind, or within your own chosen faiths.  The Golden Rule is one ideology that most everyone can subscribe to without compromising their own particular faith.

Those who want to find God/the Universal Spirit (sometimes referred to as the one true God that is everywhere), have inner peace, serve God, etc., should pray for that. If and when you are ready to change, deserving, ready to serve God, it will happen. It will come into your life if you pray for it, eventually. God can miraculously arrange to bring it into your life. Be brave, be strong in what you understand of kindness and compassion.  Take every day as a teaching moment for you – it is!  For those who are interested in what it took to become a monk in the “old days”, read on.

Being a student monk, and like joining any cloistered order of nuns or monks in a monastery or convent, it means sacrificing a “normal life”. For those who’d like an idea of what it was to be a Franciscan monk, we recommend the movie about the life of St. Francis, “Brother Sun Sister Moon”. For an interested modern day concept, the classic movie by Edward G. Robinson, “Brother Orchid”, can give additional insights.

In any case, being a monk is a very difficult life, and definitely not for most people. We have never solicited students/novice monks, and in fact, have always discouraged it. All monastic paths, be it Christian, Buddhist, or whatever, is one of the hardest things you could ever choose to do in life.  And it’s vital that you understand just how demanding it is before making such a choice.  Furthermore, in these times many people are turning to spirituality because they feel or believe that it’s their last chance to “get it together” spiritually.  Don’t make any step out of fear!  When the desire to love, to feel peace, compassion and new freedom hits you, that’s the time to make a move! But, just like becoming a military soldier, it takes more than desire or feelings of “I have to get it together” to develop the necessary discipline. Advancing spiritually on this path, or any other true spiritual path for that matter, takes great inner strength and application of will.

It isn’t like a seminar

Many people think having a real spiritual teacher is something like taking a class in astrology or whatever.  Or that it can be done long-distance, like a correspondence course, etc..  but it’s not.  Being a monk is a radical lifestyle change. It also requires dedication, humility, commitment, a desire to give rather than take, self discipline and self sacrifice that is unimaginable to most people. Read some of the other links on the FAQ page to get more of an idea.

Things have changed

This changed to an extent when we became publicly accessible in the US in the 1960’s, and even more since the publishing of the teachings in 1998.  Now some people just call or email us about being a student, or with questions. But after attempting creating a US monastery after the destruction of the old one in Tibet, monks and monk teachers have retreated into monasteries in other countries, and even back to Tibet.

There have never been many teachers of this order – only about a thousand at any given time.  Unfortunately, after the mass murders and destruction of the central monastery in Tibet, there are only a couple of hundred, and they are spread across the now 6 billion person population of this planet.  There are more in the more heavily populated areas that are more likely to need teachers.  Interestingly, the wealthiest countries have the fewest teachers these days.  As Jesus said, it is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to get to heaven.

Because of the teachings being released in the book, many people from all over the world contacted us directly through the company that hosts this website.  Since this bypasses the ways people would normally come across a monk/teacher in the past, we had to set up new procedures and protocols. That also changed again over a decade ago.

We’re sorry, but we can’t “refer” you to a monk teacher in your area. In any case, we suggest that you pray for guidance. You might also wish to practice meditation (there are free instructions on this site, and also in the Lost Teachings), or pursue another monastic order if you so desire. As mentioned earlier, we also highly recommend the Golden Rule Workbook for “at home” do-it-yourself training with family or friends.


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