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Spiritual beings, physical bodies, health, and emotions

Once in a long while, we get questions that reflect misunderstanding about the nature of spiritual beings, physical bodies, health, and emotions.

Some people don’t understand why a “spiritual” being would ever be ill, angry, or sad.  Some don’t understand the real difference between negative emotions, and positive emotions that may be unpleasant, such as sadness, despair and pain.  These misunderstands are generally due to people being exposed to certain types of “new age” thought, and buying into it. Some people prefer to live in denial and think that being spiritual means being rich (“prosperity” and “abundance”), always “happy-happy-joy-joy”, never sick, never suffering, and with some, never dying.

Should enlightened beings be healthy and happy all the time?  Can’t we live forever in a physical body?  Why is Jon ill and no longer in his favorite running clothesas active as ever?  Why would he and other teachers experience “negative” emotions?  Why was Jesus ill, in pain, and sad, from his betrayal and torture?

In a past newsletter, I discussed parts of the “death” and illness aspect of living in a human body on Earth.  In another newsletter, I discussed the difference between negative and positive emotions, but specifically the difference between “anger” and “righteous indignation” (July 28th 2001 newsletter).  I’ve summarized some of the illness, death, and spirituality issues on another page, but here we’ll cover emotions that many presume to be “negative” (other than anger).


The only “negative emotions” are those born of selfishness.  By nature of that very fact, most selfish people, only experience selfish, thus negative, emotions.  A selfish person’s anger is usually negative. That’s an easy one. But emotions that are commonly thought of as “positive” are also negative when coming from a selfish person – for instance, “love” is usually the feeling associated with the selfish “high” from getting energy/comfort from another person. Thus a selfish person “loves” someone who feeds their self energy, and “dislikes/hates” someone who threatens, challenges, or doesn’t “feed the self”.  People frequently injure and even kill “loved ones”, and themselves, because of so-called “love”.  “I loved her so much, I couldn’t stand to see her with another man, so I killed her!!!!” Or hurt her.  Joy and happiness, are generally “self get offs”.  Are you starting to get the idea?

It is difficult to impossible for a selfish person to really judge what is or is not a negative emotion, by virtue of the fact that they are still living in their selfish separate self “bubble”.  Until a person is free from selfishness, how are they going to know what is and isn’t an unselfish or negative emotion.  Well, the best they can do is analyze it, and use some guidelines, which is what we are giving you here.

Now to emotions that many, especially those into the selfish forms of “new age” thought, consider negative.

Anger is not, in and of itself, negative.  If coming from selfishness though, it is.  And of course, unless we know a selfless being, we don’t know anything other than selfish anger, thus all we know is the bad type of anger. But coming from selflessness, we should more appropriately call selfless anger “righteous indignation”.

“Hurt” and “dismay” are negative emotions only when it is the “self” that is hurt, and the self that is responding with its negativity – in other words, “feeling sorry for yourself” and feeding/nurturing the selfish separate self.  But these emotions (hurt and dismay), like all others, can also be experienced unselfishly. How?

Truly spiritual beings, are unselfishly loving and truly compassionate.  You CANNOT be unselfishly loving/compassionate, if you are unwilling to feel pain/hurt.  You CANNOT be unselfishly loving/compassionate, if you are ARE NOT feeling pain/hurt.  Tell me how you can “feel love” for the suffering, for a starving child, for a gang raped woman left for dead, for all the world, without feeling hurt and dismayed?  In order not to feel those things, you would need to shut off your heart, your compassion. You’d have to be selfish and separate.

Thus, feeling hurt, is a common and perpetual state amongst those who love.  One can feel “hurt”, and saddened at the suffering of others, even though it has NO effect on their self, right?  And likewise, a teacher can be hurt and dismayed by the spiritual failings of those they love (everyone).

Also, consider the hurt and dismay Jesus felt about the selfishness of others.  And about those close to him also, who should have been beyond that if they were good students.  For instance, how do you think he felt when he had to wash the feet of one of his students because they were all too important and “spiritual” to get down and do it for each other?  Or when his closest students would not even keep themselves awake, and meditate with him, the night before the arrest that would lead to his torture and death?  Or when the crowds chose to have the Romans free a criminal, instead of him?  How did he feel knowing that Peter would deny knowing him?  Or that Judas would sell him out.  Hurt and dismay are too mild of a description of how he felt. Were his feelings “negative” and “from ego”?  Hardly.  Were they real, and a reflection of a truly sensitive caring being?  Yes.  For a selfish person to presume that an unselfishly loving person would not feel hurt or dismay, would be coming from a pompous, arrogant, and uncaring attitude.

Those who focus on being “happy” all the time, or “prosperity” and “abundance”, or who think that THOSE things are the “earmarks” of spirituality, are simply selfish, UNCARING, and UNLOVING.  Can you imagine Jesus walking along the streets with poor, starving, suffering people, feeling their pain, and the pain of compassion for them?  Of course.  Can you imagine how someone like that would feel about people condemning him for merely asking for people to give to help the suffering? Can you imagine the dismay, despair, and hurt it would cause him to know that others care so little?  I don’t know where everyone who reads this is coming from, but I sure can understand his pain.


Some people also think that a spiritual being who can’t live on this selfish plane without suffering, are “not up to the challenges of struggling with the material plane”.  IF that were true, it would mean Jesus, Buddha, and others who struggled here, and have gone on, were also not “up to” the “challenges”.  The fact is, the more unselfishly loving you get, the more sensitive and open you are, thus the more it hurts, the more it is draining, and sickening, to live here.  Those who have no problem with it, are part of it, attached to materiality and thus selfishness, and part of the problem.

Why did Jesus cry “Father, why have you forsaken me!!??”.  Because he was in agony, he was hurting, real bad. He had been subjected to days of torture.  And all of us, even those who are the most spiritually evolved, are stuck with the REALITIES of the physical plane, and physical body, while in it.  Would you condemn the most loving beings in the world, for hurting and struggling with being on the material plane?

Who does not struggle with the challenges of the material plane? The extremely selfish, those of the darkness, those who would manipulate the material plane to their own ends.  The black magicians, from top level Belialians, to the ignorant selfish who practice visualizing “abundance” or world peace.  This amounts to essentially practicing black magic, regardless of whether or not it is under the premise of harmless “love & light” visualizations.  Visualization for what, for who? For what THEY want.  For what THEY think should be. What arrogance. What a “fuck you” to the will of the Universal Spirit.  Their admonition is “My will be done God, not yours, in and through me”.  Let your admonition and prayer always be only “Your will be done (Universal Spirit), not mine, in me and through me”,  “Let me be an instrument of YOUR will”.  If you don’t understand this still, read the chapter in the “Lost Teachings” where I discuss it and the story of the monkey’s paw.

Remember, one needs humility FIRST, before they can comprehend ANYTHING that is truly spiritual.


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