Hall of Records

Hall of Records Revelation Update

Here’s a quote from a former ARE headquarters employee, about the book “The Children of the Law of One™  & the Lost Teachings of Atlantis”:

“…clarifies and substantiates information in the Edgar Cayce readings.  But it also goes far beyond, bringing us up to date and guiding our way into the future with a long awaited spiritual message.  And if you have been waiting to know the contents of the legendary ‘Hall of Records’, this is must reading.”
– Naia Oneheart, (former A.R.E. Contact Correspondence Representative)

A common misconception about Cayce and the Hall of Records, is that they would be discovered and made public around this time.  Because of political issues and other reasons for a “cover-up”, it’s both true and not true.  First of all, Edgar Cayce didn’t say they’d be publicly revealed, he said that the Hall of Records would be found by initiates of “the Order who placed them there” (inferring the Children of the Law of One™ ).  He also said it was “for their use”.  It was up to the Children of the Law of One™ , what to make public or not.  But our prophecy (The Children of the Law of One™ ) was that the lost teachings of Atlantis, and humankind’s ancient history and origins, was to be revealed in 1998, regardless of the status of “public” discovery of the records.  The contents of the Hall of Records remained intact, and handed down orally from teacher to student, in Tibet (and other places) for over 10,000 years.  The task of publicly revealing this information, with or without the public revelation of the Hall buried between the Sphinx and Great Pyramid, was assigned to Jon Peniel.

There is lots of scientific evidence that the location (which Cayce gave) of the Hall, has been found.  Including ground radar used by famous documentary and film producer, Robert Watts (Mystery of the Sphinx documentary – NBC; Star Wars; Indiana Jones, etc.).  The Egyptian government has refused to give him, and many scientists, permission to do an archeological excavation there.  Mr. Watts, and others, have actually contacted Jon Peniel in an effort to get assistance in this matter.  There also seems to be involvement between the government, the head Egyptian government archeologist, and representatives of the ARE who are supposed to be helping “find” the records.  Because of the suppression to accessing the chamber, Jon was forced to take the alternative route of revealing the ancient teachings and history, and the prophecy of the present times of “Great Purification”.

3 monks of the CLO (Children of the Law of One™ ) died trying to publicly expose the Hall in Egypt.  Because the government, and others who are helping them conceal this archeological discovery, have made it impossible to reveal the ancient chambers and teachings there, Jon has revealed what the public needs to know of them in the book, “The Children of the Law of One™  & the Lost Teachings of Atlantis”.  If you have been waiting for the records, wait no more.  They are a bookstore, order click, or phone call away.

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