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Sample a few of the new & old Ezines.
Click here for the recent ezine for saving hundreds on gas.
Click here for the inspiring popular New Year 2001 does God exist and “Who are you and what do you want” – it’s helped many find direction.

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The CLO also recommended non profits started by the publisher, for alternative spiritual self help self improvement at home, work, family, friends or creating golden rule clubs whether you have a faith or not, “intentional room mating”, avoiding false teachers, harmful cults etc. It’s not like a difficult “true path”.

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Do you have the latest edition of “The Children of the Law of One™  & the Lost Teachings of Atlantis”? Now in its sixth printing

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The other newsletter (about how to save a lot of money on gas – you can read later unless you’re going on a trip right now and even then you could figure out your gas plans, and print out the other newsletter and it’s links to read here and there on your trip if you like).

The non serious newsletter this month that can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in gas or diesel just by typing in your zip code for local stations or plotting trip routes. And imagine making diesel legally in your garage for about 1 dollar a gallon – it’s here and real.

Coming soon is also a link to a new site that has “enlightenment helper” mind machines that allow you to choose brainwaves and sync yours to the same as those of master monks or rapidly advance meditation ability. they will even work with the music,  sounds and self help downloadable hypnotherapy we recommend.

Also the energy wheels are back – you can learn to move things with your mind, demonstrate energy, and more. Also, the more fancy Egley meters.

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