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Free tarot reading can help with understanding your path, and issues of present.

The Great Pyramid in Egypt, was once both a power generator (more about it can be found in the chapter on metaphysics in the book The Children of the Law of One and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis), and a center for final stage spiritual initiation for the Children of the Law of One.

Its great hall was lined with the painted tablets, depicting the stages of spiritual development & initiation that were later to become the major arcana of the tarot.

Master Thoth (the grand master of the Children of The Law of One), aware of the ever growing darkness that was to be, and knowing how the written word can be controlled and corrupted by the greedy & the power mongers, put the keys of knowledge (of the spiritual initiate’s path back to the One), into images on cards. As mentioned earlier, these were the first tarot cards, which were replicas of the images that lined the great hallway of the Great Pyramid of Initiation. Thoth knew that images would be more difficult to change by the corrupt, and more difficult for them to understand. He also knew that, those on the path of ascension towards the One, would someday see & understand their meanings & secrets. To further insure the safety of these keys, he added more cards to the major arcanum, creating the full system of divination. The method of divination, he taught to those of the land of Egypt who were leaving Egypt for other lands (Wandering Egyptians (E-Gypt-ians) that would later be known as “Gypt-sies”). Knowing that these Egyptians would use this divination system to reveal the future of others for profit, he knew that greed itself, would insure that the Egyptians would preserve the images as much as possible, and that the knowledge would be preserved in many different lands.

Our online free tarot reading includes the original 22 cards of the major arcana of the tarot, each with a Thoth paragraph and an image that is as close as we could get to the original Thoth egyptian images.

They are not really meant for fortune telling (although they can be used for that), but rather, understanding your path, and issues of present. We recommend you ask for guidance or ask a question, and click on the link to pull a single card (don’t take it too seriously though).

There are 22 tarot cards, but as in the original tarot, the 0 (fool) and Adept (22) are the same. The beginning and the end. That’s why there are two interpretations for it. But which is which?

Free tarot reading

Ask for guidance or ask a question, and click on the link to pull a single card

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