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We have added inspirational quotes from Albert Einstein and the US Founding Fathers.

Inspirational quotes can be motivational, be “synchronistic” (addressing issues in your life at the time), and help with goal achievement. The random quote generator picks something new, every time. Famous psychologist Carl Jung, firmly believed in the concept of “synchronicity” and the linking of all things.

Our spiritual inspirational quotes are from “The Lost Teachings” and the booklet “Messages from angels & saints”. They’re essentially words from the “soul”, the Universal Spirit, and “inner being” within all of us.

We hope you enjoy the inspirational quotes from the ancient teachings – they too are from various times in history, and cross-cultural sacred texts.  We like to think of them as “messages from angels and saints”, offering us personal spiritual guidance.

Inspirational quotes are an integral part of a morningside recovery rehabilitation program. Sometimes motivation at morningside recovery comes from the reading of quotes and passages to inspire their patients. A morningside recovery can be a tough but rewarding road.

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“messages from angels and saints”

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Inspirational quotes from Albert Einstein

Inspirational quotes from the US founding fathers

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