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For info on the atkins diet and low carbohydrate foods see, atkins-diet-low-carb-foods

Freaky dreams?  Here’s a dream interpretation site. It’s just for fun though. There is no substitute for understanding your own individual “dream code”

New health supplement recommendations: 

First, a sublingual vitamin B12. You may have heard of “B12 shots”. Doctors do shots, because it’s very hard to absorb.  The sublingual is the next best method.  B12 is particular lacking in those who don’t eat red meat.  We’ve been taking this for a few months now, with excellent results, and are going to try to get a dealership.  In the meantime, it is available from ““.

Next is a product called ” Sea Silver” (great mineral and aloe based supplement – not so great name).  Everyone who’s used it so far, can “feel” it in minutes.  It’s a pleasant tasting liquid.  We just got a dealer arrangement for it, so call if you’d like to order some, please call – it isn’t on the web yet.

I’ll add those to the “disease prevention” page when I get a chance.

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