The Lost Teachings

“The Children of the Law on One
& the Lost Teaching of Atlantis” by Jon Peniel.



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We regret not releasing this as a fiction book.  It’s so incredible that it’s hard to believe it’s a true story. Most of the book’s readers tend to be intuitive and open minded, and instantly feel it’s not only true, but the most incredible discovery and message for centuries.

The book is meant to be read in order. The forward, intro and background provide the info needed to understand the rest of the book.

Then all of a sudden, it takes off like a rocket, and you can’t put the book down. It’s like reading an exciting adventure novel mixed with “unexplained mysteries” that get explained.

When you get to the actual story of Jon’s fascinating conversations with monks, it’s like you’re there with him. You learn with him, have a hard time with him, are amazed with him,  screw up with him, and eventually, change with him.  I’ve never read anything with such shocking impact, that was such fun to read.

The monks’ stories about how their ancestors came from ancient Egypt, and before that, Atlantis, then Jesus, Buddha, Angels and science,  really engages the reader’s brain.  One is intrigued and begins thinking about everything we thought we knew, and what we always wanted to know about life but no one could exactly explain it, until now.

And it’s so simple, such common sense.  PLUS it’s about YOUR ancestors, too!  Whether you believe it or not, it’s still one of the best reads ever, which explains why it’s been an independent best seller year after year,  15 years after its release.

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The “Gravity” of the Situation

Gravity is just one of many Universal laws. If you break it…ouch! All Universal laws effect your life. They can make you happy & successful, or a miserable failure.

Einstein believed these laws were ‘God’s” laws (the Universal Spirit).  The LTA  (Lost Teachings of Atlantis) makes it simple to understand.

Find happiness & success by using Universal laws you didn’t even know existed.

Then say “ignorance of the law is no excuse” – true. There are Universal laws people don’t know and thus don’t obey/utilize.

Gravity is an easy on to know and follow, but what about the others? Einstein knew them and the “Universal Sprit/God”.  You can too. This fascinating novel  (see free online chapters) explains it all to you in simple, easy to understand terms.  It answers questions like:

How can I stop suffering and find happiness and inner peace?

What is life? Is there life after death,  and how can I know for sure?

Why is there so much suffering and pain on Earth?

Who or what is God?

What is the Universe and how and when did it start?

Why do we exist?

Why are we here?

Where did we come from?

What is my (Humankind’s) true history on Earth?

Is there more to the Garden of Eden story?  What really is “original sin” and why did we get kicked out into this dog-eat-dog life of struggle?

Were we Angels or energy/light beings who got caught in the physical plane of Earth and became separated from God in our own consciousness?

What and what is Jesus, and wehre (and when) did he appear throughout history?

Can we get back to “the Garden” and harmony with nature/the Universe/oneness?

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The book speaks of an ancient library which the monks used to offer an interpretation of what the Garden of Eden story really means and far more.


Peniel is no longer with us, but we continue to  publish his work on this site,  our Facebook page  (We have two groups – one is “The Official Children of the Law of One” page, ( which is dedicated exclusively to discussions regarding the book, the teachings therein, the meditations, Jon, ect.

The other page is “The Children of the Law of One”.  We do not endorse, nor filter content on that page – it’s full of all kinds of interesting, good, weird, useful, not-so-useful and sundry posts, but all the members have read and like the book enough to join that page –(

More about:

The legend of Shangri-la is from the book and movies “Lost Horizon”, or is it?  Could the author of “Lost Horizon” (James Hilton) have stumbled on the same area?  The secret is in the “Lost Teachings” book.  It’s about a sub-tropical monastery & community located amongst the freezing Himalayas, where the people live in harmony, tolerance and kindness.  The LTA book is based on our Tibetan monastery (destroyed in the eighties),  which compares remarkably with Hilton’s “fictional” account.

Description”  We cover  topics including the lost city of Atlantis, the Dead Sea scrolls, stargate Atlantis, Edgar Cayce and free online books with FREE online book chapters (also click link for reviews, scientific facts about Atlantis, or ordering).

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This is the site of the CLO™ order of monks headquartered in Tibet.

We respect and are kin/friends of anyone who believes in and
fosters truth, freedom, tolerance, compassion & harmlessness.

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