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dead sea scrolls, lost Atlantis, Edgar Cayce all connected?

My story summarized:  As a young teen, I couldn’t block out the suffering I saw around me like other kids could (or ignore it with distractions like games, etc.). I felt both my pain and that of other “underdogs” who were being “eaten” in this “dog eat dog” world. I would eventually learn ways to cope, and fight for justice, but at that point, I dreaded growing up.

I’d try almost anything to deal with this pain, and desperately sought inner peace and a full understanding of the meaning of life. I needed real spiritual guidance badly, and turned to my family’s church leaders.

But when I asked them or my family profound questions, I either got “don’t ask”, “don’t know”, or illogical and misleading memorized dogma.

I’m not anti-religion. I am pro-harmlessness and anti-cruelty, regardless of its source – religious beliefs, racism, sexism, whatever.

There are religions that are at least harmless, and some that help people, but mine wasn’t one of them.  I just couldn’t find the answers or inner peace “relief” anywhere at the time.

My prayers went unanswered, so I finally left my family’s religion and became an atheist for a while. (details).

Then one night I looked at the stars and realized, “There must be something behind this magnificent creation,”-  Not necessarily something like the God I was taught about. But SOMETHING (or everything?).

Still a young teen, I started looking for other religions or “paths” again. There was a cool PBS radio show whose host gave one meditation a week, and talked about alternative religions.

That got me started studying various meditation techniques, hoping to find answers to my questions and directly connect with God.

The pursuit of meditation is actually the pursuit of its benefits – peace of mind, fulfillment, purpose, understanding life and God. Meditating definitely helped but it wasn’t enough for me.

Meditation gives you the discipline and concentration to still the mind, which is necessary for spiritual paths – but I know expert meditators who are selfish jerks. So while meds were stepping stones, I had to keep walking, somewhere.

So I also studied other world religions (old and new), philosophy,  psychology, etc. – everything from A to Z (Atlantis to Zen Buddhism).

Finding various books with “pieces” of truth (but also dogma or contradictions), kept me searching.

I still had an internal “void”. I couldn’t stand this life of apparently unjust suffering any longer. I was becoming suicidal.

Note: Jon Peniel may have been misspelled as John Peniel while transcribing a verbal reading by Edgar Cayce)

I find a monastery of lost atlantis

After reading Lost Horizon, Stranger in a Strange Land, and the antique book, “the Great White Brotherhood in Tibet”, I realized why.

I wanted to live in a loving world, not a cruel one. Or at least a “spiritual community” isolated from the pain of the outside world.

I was lonely for those of like mind – people who were kind, sharing and placed truth and harmlessness, above selfishness, or a self serving “dogma”.

I started searching for that. But it was fruitless.  I eventually became seriously depressed.  At age 17, minutes before “giving up” and committing suicide, a strange event gave me real spiritual guidance.

My new “path” took me to an isolated region of Tibet, where even Tibetan Buddhists were forbidden to travel (only recently discovered by National Geographic explorers).

There, I found an ancient monastery and the ultimate library.

Imagine discovering the source of Judaism, Christianity, the Essenes, Buddhism, copies of the dead sea scrolls, and ancient Egyptian religion.

But more importantly, there were those who had attained true spiritual consciousness, or what some call enlightenment, samadhi, or nirvana, etc.,

Attaining such spiritual consciousness doesn’t just help you, it helps everyone you meet – and the entire world. A candle lights other candles, and they light others, etc. Like the movie “Pay it Forward”, but more so.

The “candles” (teachers) at the monastery, were ones who had been handed down teachings generation after generation, and were “lit” by other candles generation after generation, over thousands of years, by survivors of a spiritual order from Atlantis, where it all began.

All my questions were finally answered, and my searching over. But my spiritual journey had really just begun. I didn’t fit in yet.

The trouble was, I didn’t know yet that we always live with those of “like mind”. And that to live amongst unselfish, compassionate people, you had to BE one of those kinds of people too. I was still just a selfish “wanna be”, with spiritual goals, yes, but a lot of work to do.

If you want to change your life, your friends, environment, whatever, all you have to do is change your self, and everything around you will change to match, automatically. Like salad dressing, oil goes to oil, vinegar to vinegar.

So before even becoming a student, I had to have humility, commitment, and “REALLY want to change”.  And to live with the truly loving, caring, harmless, compassionate beings, I would have to work hard to become one.

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