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What is life, the Universe, and our existence all about? Who are we and why are we here? Did we once live in an angelic spiritual state? Is there a way to return to the freedom and beauty of our angelic state? What are the full meanings of the stories of Genesis, “fallen angels”, and the “The Garden of Eden”? What is your connection with ancient legendary lands such as Atlantis and Lemuria? Did monumental natural disasters destroy most life, and bury virtually all evidence of sophisticated pre-historic civilizations?

Jon Peniel discovered a legendary ancient monastery in Tibet, built by people once thought to be gods. Their teachings held the answers to the above questions, and far more. Besides providing “missing links” of a mysterious pre-history, this book presents amazing revelations from our own personal past – angelic beings who became human in order to provide a way home for their “kin” (those of us who have accidentally lost touch with our spiritual origin). Throughout the ages, like unseen lanterns in a world full of darkness & ignorance, these ancient sages have also lived amongst humankind, shining the light of truth through the arts, sciences, spiritual traditions, and many other fields.

Join the author as he travels to Tibet, and spends 3 years as a monk, learning their ancient philosophies, teachings, and practices. The book is presented in a fascinating “dialogue” format, allowing you to personally share the author’s experiences, as if you were there. Most importantly, he reveals their simple, time-proven, practical spiritual philosophy and their keys to transcendence, offering a promising future for anyone wanting to take positive control of their own life. If you believe in the “Golden Rule”/Unselfish Love, this book is like “coming home”.

Also covered are their teachings on various topics, including: Prophecy; The secrets to inner peace, freedom & “enlightenment”; Meditations & energy techniques; Scientific metaphysics; And understanding the nature of life & God.

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