Ch3 – Sources and Descendants

Chapter Three
Sources and Descendants of the Teachings

Including definitions of God, Basics and Prerequisites
To you they may be
Lost, found, or misplaced.
Earth-shaking, new, or fancy.
Basic, old, and simple.
It matters not.
They ARE Timeless, Useful and Invaluable

This book tells several stories other than my personal one.  It tells a story of creation,  a story of a long forgotten history,  and a story of a spiritual tradition that gave birth to many legends.  But primarily,  the book accurately reveals the teachings that,  without which,  none of these stories would exist, or matter. Like some of the stories, while these teachings are part of ancient history,  they can also be keys to a promising future.

Some of the teachings of the Children of the Law of One™  presented here, have been around a very long time (as far back as Atlantis), and some not so long.  The unadulterated teachings of the Children of the Law of One™ , have never been directly made public before.  But some of them are the source of many other teachings, that have been made public.  So you may already know certain things you’re going to read in this book – yet, some of it will still be new information.  Other readers may find that much, or all of it will be “new” to them.  Obviously, if you are already “enlightened”,  reading this book would just be a waste of your time, because it’s purpose is to help those who aren’t enlightened, become enlightened.  Since the word enlightenment has many meanings though, I should probably define what we mean by it.  We call someone “enlightened” who:  1) Has had a final “death experience” (of the selfish separate self), thus bursting the illusion of separation from everything/God; [this is similar to a “near death experience”, but is deliberately cultivated through spiritual training/ego busting. It is also fully experienced rather than “near”, and doesn’t require nearly dying physically] 2)  Has realized and permanently returned to a state of absolute Oneness with the Universal Spirit/God;  3) Is always living in harmony with the Universe and doing the will of God, as a servant of God;   4) Always lives in a state of Unselfish Love.  All of the above are one and the same thing, and the change takes place at the same time.  If you haven’t achieved that yet, then even if you think you know it all, this book could still help you if you will just “check your ego at the door” and actually apply the teachings rather than just letting them be more “knowledge” you scan into your brain.  But generally, regardless of your familiarity with the teachings presented here, the book can offer a sort of “oasis” of fellowship and inspiration, to anyone who feels inside that kindness, compassion, and “harmlessness” (not hurting anyone or anything), are more important than any “belief” of any kind.


One of the first questions I asked an elder monk was about Buddhism.

“Raga, why is this monastery located here, in a country so full of Buddhists and Buddhist monasteries?”

“Several reasons, which we’ll discuss soon.”

“Are we related to Buddhism in some way?”

“Buddhism is a beloved relative of ours, and thus some of the teachings are the same.  But this is not just the case with Buddhism.  We are also related to the Christian, Jewish, Islamic, and many, many other religions. Although some religions are almost unrecognizable from their origins now, almost any religion that speaks of One God (regardless of the name they call God), is somehow related.”

“Why is that?  Most people consider such religions conflicting, not ‘relatives’, and especially Buddhism – a ‘beloved relative’?”

“The teachings and heritage of the Children of the Law of One™  pre-date Buddhism, and all other religions.  They all originally came from teachers or teachings of the Children of the Law of One™ , or those who somehow became one with the Universal Spirit – the One God, in some other fashion.  But keep in mind, that while you may find bits of the Children’s teachings here and there in many other spiritual traditions and religions, they are also unique unto themselves.  Our teachings are the source, the roots of the many branches of the tree.  And unlike some of the branches, the roots are still alive, still totally pure and uncorrupted.  They are like the original roots of the grape vine from which all the different varieties of wine grapes eventually developed from. The teachings you are going to hear about and read here in the monastery’s library, are the original, and presented from the pure, direct lineage. Although, keep in mind that any teachings, including these, aren’t as important as simply applying Unselfish Love, kindness, and compassion in your life, regardless of the source.  This is where many have gone wrong – making the teachings, or the leaders, or the religions, more important than the point of what they were really for in the first place.”

“So will we learn only the pure original teachings?”

“No.  Our knowledge has been accumulating for ages, and you will learn these too.  In fact, some of the knowledge is about our existence before our time on Earth.  And these too you will learn in time.  But we don’t just present the Children’s teachings here. You will also learn the ways and beliefs of all the world’s religions.”

“Why do that if we have the pure and original source of all other teachings here?”

“Other religious teachings, and cultures, are taught for the purpose of revealing the common threads of unity and truth that could be found woven through diverse religions, and to give teachers of the Children of the Law of One™  more of an ability to understand and communicate with anyone they might need to – regardless of their culture or religion.  Also because of that, there have been other monasteries of the Children, in various parts of the world.”

Another time, I also asked Gabriel some questions about our monasteries and their relationship to Buddhism.

“The Children’s monasteries, though few in number, were the oldest in many regions of the world, including Tibet.  Buddhism as a separate path, didn’t appear until thousands of years after the Children had established monasteries in the ‘East’.  Buddhism, like most religions, was in fact, originally one of the offspring or ‘branches’ of the Children.  It developed from the effects and teachings of Adept monks of the Children of the Law of One™ .  These monks wandered the regions throughout the area, and taught the local people there, and throughout much of what is now called Asia, and the Orient.  Various teachers of the Children, who often remained anonymous and never spoke of the secret source of their true lineage or home, became known as ‘Buddhas’.  Did you know there was more than one ‘Buddha’?”

“No. I thought Buddha was Buddha, just like Jesus was Jesus.”

“That is not so, there were more than one, just as there were many Zoroasters, and many St. Germains, and…”


“Various reasons.  I will explain some other time, but that is not the important subject of our conversation right now.”


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