Ch6 – Different Points of View

Chapter Six
Different Points of View:
Universal Consciousness
Separate Consciousness

The concepts of Universal Consciousness, and separate self consciousness are central to the teachings of the Children of the Law of One™ , and they will be referred to throughout the book.  So we’ll start with the teachings about consciousness,  and go on from there.

Almost every time I asked Zain a “deep question”, he would also refer me to particular ancient texts to read in the library. He would say, “read these first, meditate, then come speak with me again.”

When I first came to the monastery, I didn’t really understand the meaning of “Universal Consciousness”.  I certainly thought I did though.  I thought I understood it clearly.  Sure, I had an intellectual grasp of some of it.  But it was weak nonetheless.  I eventually realized you could never really understand it, until you finally experienced Oneness with the Universal Spirit.  In fact, you can’t really fully understand much of anything until you achieve that.  Yet it may help many readers if I relate my earlier question and answer sessions with Zain. So from here on out, I will present many of the Children’s teachings in that format.

It was the day of the new moon.  I was on my way to my womb to meditate after a long exhausting class.  I turned a corner, and standing there, “accidentally”, was Zain.  The course I was taking, and particularly this day’s class, had left me with a nagging question about Separate, and Universal Consciousness, which I was going to try and understand better in my meditations.

But it would have done me no good.  I needed a little more change, a little more “preparation” before I would really grasp this concept.


“Yes Father?”

“What troubles you?”

“Nothing Father, everything is fine.”

“Then why do I not feel that it is? Am I an idiot?”

“Of course not Father.  I’m sorry. I am having a hard time really understanding Universal Consciousness, or what the difference is between my own Separate consciousness, and that.  Or even, what difference it makes.  I mean, I am a decent person.”

“No one has accused you otherwise.  So what’s your point?”

“I guess it’s that I mean – so what if I have Universal Consciousness or not, as long as I’m a decent person.”

“Because many people have been hurt by decent people, and decent people all over the world are suffering.

The difference of who you are, and what you do, with Universal Consciousness, is as night and day.  That is why when you finally REALIZE Universal Consciousness, that is, when it finally is what you have achieved, it is called ‘enlightenment’, or ‘illumination’.  It is as if a light switch has been turned on in a life that has been lived in total darkness. Give me your notepad, and I will write a text I want you to look up in the library.  Read it, meditate, then come see me in my chamber.”

I went to the library, and told Gabriel the name of the text Zain had written.  He retrieved a scroll, placed it on the table, and unrolled it to the quote. It was the place in the texts, that I was told to read. There, hand inscribed in alchemical ink, were these words:

Those who know Not that they are One,

Act not as One.

Those who act not as One,

Create not Love, but suffering and disharmony.

What you create,  you receive.

The Fruits of Your acts will follow your days.

Separate Consciousness

After meditating for an hour, I went to Zain’s chambers.  He looked me piercingly in the eyes as usual, and said,” It may be easier for you to understand Universal Consciousness, if you first understand separate consciousness.  Then you will at least understand what Universal Consciousness ISNOT.  And you will be able to ‘relate’ more to, and understand, separate consciousness –  because that is what you have right now.  Let’s begin with one of the fundamental effects of Separate consciousness, a person’s individual, separate, ‘point of view’.“


We’ve all heard phrases like, ‘From where I sit ….’,  or ‘Walk a mile in my shoes…’, etc..  These are all common references to the significance of having separate and different points of view.

A person’s ‘point of view’ can mean two things:  1) It can mean what it literally says – the ‘point’ from which a person ‘sees’ things.   2)  It can mean a person’s opinion.  A person’s opinion is based on a combination of #1, and the person’s programmed beliefs.

Let’s first look closer at #1, the ‘point’ aspect.

Most individuals have a limited point of view dictated by the very fact that they are separate individuals.  They are each seeing things from a different place, a different point, literally.And they seeonly from their separate individual ‘place’.  There are as many ‘places’ that a person will see from as there are persons.  And the trouble is, seeing from only one ‘place’ doesn’t allow seeing a ‘whole picture’, or a ‘big picture’.


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