Ch19 – Basic Meta-Physics

Chapter Nineteen
The Children of the Law of One Basic Meta-Physics of Science-Magic

(True metaphysics must work within the known or yet to be discovered laws of physics)

I need to warn you that this chapter is a bit more intellectual than the others.  So other than the segment about crystals, unless you are a die-hard metaphysics enthusiast, you may want to skip this chapter.  But before you decide to do that, I’d like to say that the segment about “the oldest known name of God”, and that name’s metaphysical significance is (to me at least), one of the most important and profound spiritual concepts I have ever found, and played an important role in changing my life.

Before I get into everything else in this chapter, I want to say something about metaphysics.  Many people think that metaphysics supercedes the laws of physics, but the teachings say that this is not the case.  True metaphysics should just expand on the true laws of physics.  Over the years, physicists have often discovered that some of what they thought were “final” facts, or immutable laws of physics, weren’t so immutable after all, and thus not really laws.  And in the future more “laws” may be broken.  But there are certain immutable true laws of physics.  They are the ones that are aspects of Universal Law, and as such, will always remain the same.  These are the laws that any other law, metaphysical principle, or concept, must be in harmony with, and be measured against.  Thus if a person wants to learn and understand true metaphysics,  there is no better place to start than by studying and understanding the great laws of the Universe. Here are quotes from some of the ancient texts that discuss the basic concepts involved:

All Is Vibration

All Vibration Follows Universal Law

All Gives All Receives

All Loves

All Vibration

Seeks its own Level

To find any Level

Set forth the Vibration

By Law you Will Go there

By Law it Will come.

Always is there a Greater Vibration

Always is there a Lesser Vibration

In Harmony With Universal Law

All Vibration moves as One Flow

Interrupt the Flow only to Find

In This Natural Order thus does it Go

In Forever Passing Through, Divided in Two

Receptivity be the Way of Emptiness

The One calls to Come and Fill

Giving be the Way of Abundance

The One Flows forth to Fill

Always then the Way of the Flow

Dependence on That Which is Above

The Object of Dependence

To that Which is Below

Two will Repel

Two will Attract

Two will Together, Interact

Look then to Four

For All that Need Be

For All Creation

Vibration Be

One and Two.

One and Two

Beget Four

Thus Opens the Infinite Door

Yod He Vau He

Pronounce it Right

To Open The Gates of Heaven

And Live in the Light

Build Ye Life As The


*Four Corners Converge Above

With Fire in the Middle

The Fire of Love

Life, Mind, Truth, Love


Energy Great

Does Course Through This Earth

Collect and Direct, if it Be Your Will

With the Shape of The Temple,

Pure Stones and Gold Laden Box.

Or With The Mind, Focused and Pure

Lowered in Vibration

To Ten in Meditation

Vibration Does Flow

In Body and Soul.

High and Low, In All Flesh is Written

Tune may you to the Right Vibrations

Colors and Sounds, That Change What We Know

Use Them May You

to Heal, Sow, and Grow

Power Great

Above and Below

Key Are Vibrations, Secret but to Few

Find them You Will

By Measure and Trial

And Use of the Word

That Rules All Creation

Describe A Rainbow

To a Blind Man Will You?

Open Your Eyes.

Senses Five

Does Man Perceive.

The Focus on Self

Restricts All That Is.

Limited in Scope

The Ocean not Seen.

A Drop of Rain

He Believes Is His World.

So as He Believes

So He Shall Be.

So Let it Be Written

Everything Orbits Something

All Matter Is As The Universe,
Stars, Planets, Time and Space.



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