LTA table of contents


The entire book contains the teachings of the Children of the Law of One™ . Reading it in order is important because many of the concepts in one chapter must be understood before you can fully understand the next chapter.

Part One – Teachings of the Children of the Law of One™ 

Survivors of Atlantis
Chapter One – The Children of the Law of One™
Chapter Two – My Journey & Arrival
Chapter Three – Sources & Descendants of the Teachings
Chapter Four – One more Book?
Chapter Five – The “Religion” of Atlantis
Chapter Six – Different Points of View: Universal Consciousness & Separate Consciousness
Chapter Seven – The History of The Children of the Law of One™
Chapter Eight – Love
Chapter Nine – The Separate Self
Chapter Ten – Free Will, the Universal Law of Cause & Effect and The School of the Prophets
Chapter Eleven – Sub-Conscious Programming and Beliefs
Chapter Twelve – The Path(s)
Chapter Thirteen – Teachers & Students
Chapter Fourteen – Ascended Masters & Channeling
Chapter Fifteen – Ancient Monasticism & What Now?
Chapter Sixteen – Visualization & Affirmations
Chapter Seventeen – Goals, Ideals, Self-discipline, Consistency/Perseverance
Chapter Eighteen – Patience, Humility, Faith & Trust
Chapter Nineteen – Children of the Law of One™  Basic Meta-Physics of Science-Magic
Chapter Twenty – Men, Women, and Soulmates
Chapter Twenty-One – Earth Changes and You
Chapter Twenty-Two – The Death Experience

Part Two – Meditations of the Children of the Law of One™ 

Our Meditations, Exercises, Techniques & Dietary Considerations
The Vibrational Mind Integration Sounds
The Star Exercise
The Pineal Wave
Planetary Polarity Attunement
Mirror Exercise/Chanting
Conscious Breath
The Sacred Breath
Grand Circulation of Breath
Counting Breath
Contemplation & Visualization of Unselfish Love
Kind for A Day
Meditation Walk
Physical Aids to Spiritual Consciousness
Color Visualization-Chakra Exercise
Reviewing The Days Activities
A Bid For Cooperation
A Final Word

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