History Channel – Banned from the Bible

Dead Sea Scrolls, Lost Atlantis, Edgar Cayce –  all connected?


The History Channel recently aired a documentary called “Banned from the Bible” (video available from them). In it, theological scholars, ministers and priests, discuss why hundreds of sacred texts, including Christian, Jewish and Islamic (even gospels by other disciples of Jesus) aren’t included. Some have been known for thousands of years, others are recent discoveries, like the Dead Sea Scrolls, and more.
But as our book points out, and the experts are also aware of, there are far more than even they are aware of yet. 

In any case, our book is not just a dry documentary, and not about archeology or sociology. It is a multi-faceted story about the discoveries and journey of a young man, presented in a fascinating “fiction novel-like” fashion. Interwoven in that, are ancient spiritual teachings (and far older and more diverse ones) that date back to the lost civilizations of the Yucatan, China, Egypt and the controversial Atlantis. Atlantis? Hard to believe? First talked about by the famous Greek philosopher/teacher Plato, most scientists and archeologists now agree that Atlantis existed (but disagree over where and when).

Readers say it is just like you are there with the author yourself, sharing his experiences (or as some say, they feel like they are the author). It covers the personal journey of a suicidal teenage boy, frustrated by the injustice and cruelty of the world, searching for meaning and truth, and how it leads him to Tibet, finding a pre-Buddhist monastery, joining it, talking to mysterious old monks and discussing with them their teachings and unique stories of creation to the present – and our possible futures.

The book also covers the science of the time, which was highly advanced prior to “the great flood” (an event documented by dunrelated cultures around the world, and was also the “sinking of Atlantis”). The book also gives us special knowledge and tools needed to change and grow, making it a highly unique sort of self-improvement book at the same time.

The story also covers the creation and history of the world’s oldest spiritual order (also mentioned many times in the Cayce readings), their leader and “grandmaster” Jesus, and the original teachings, which brings us back around full circle to the beginning of our conversation – the modern bible.

We aren’t dissing the modern bible by any means, but rather, making the argument for also putting back the missing pieces, including the writings from ALL Jesus’ apostles, Jesus Himself, and anything that may have been originally part of the New or Old Testament – before it was “official”.

Many people were excited when the Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS) were discovered. I know I’ve always been thrilled about any potential new information like that, whether its Native American or Gnostic scrolls found in cliff dwellings, more DSS’s found in Essene ruins, or teachings and stories memorized and handed down from generation to generation.

Out of hundreds of valid ancient texts, only some “made the cut” into the modern Bible. Some were even made “forbidden” – including books by disciples. Why? Many reasons. Some are because of the lack of validity (books that don’t match their alleged time-line, those that were done by people only wanting to justify “holes” in the Old Testament, etc.). But other reasons were control, sexism, the suppression of a popular earlier form of Christianity called Gnosticism (still relatively unknown, it is very well documented in history – and some of what are considered Gnostic writings were done by Peter, Mary M, and other extremely significant biblical figures).

I believe that even if writings of questionable validity are included in the words of God we study, if they can do no harm, why censor them?

Personally, I prefer to know them all, and choose what my inner voice tells me are, or are not, valid teachings. If something is not true, what should a good person and believer be afraid of? Truth or lies are all around us, as are forks in the road or crossroads. We all must decide daily what to believe, and what path to take.

It’s just our opinion, but it seems that the full, complete texts of what were originally a massive collection of books destined to shape the foundation of major religions, should be what everyone has access to. Then they can use their free will to decide for themselves.

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