What READERS say

What are READERS saying about
“The Children of the Law of One & the Lost Teachings of Atlantis”?

“An inspiring and easy to read book that sheds brilliant clarity on the meaning of true spirituality, how to achieve it, and how it can change our lives.”
– Jeff Rense (Host of “Sightings” radio show)

“Truly fascinating reading. A must for anyone interested in
creation & pre-history, or legendary ancient civilizations.”
– David Hatcher Childress, archeologist
(Ancient civilizations expert, interviewed on NBC, Discovery, TLC, etc.) 

“…clarifies and substantiates information in the Edgar Cayce readings.  But it also goes far beyond, bringing us up to date and guiding our way into the future with a long awaited spiritual message.  And if you have been waiting to know the contents of the legendary ‘Hall of Records’, this is must reading. ”
– Naia Oneheart

“This fascinating, amusing and very readable book provides a teaching of such purity and promise, that it opens a path to guide a reader into the individual truth, which lies within each of us.”

The Hall of Records? “Indiana Jones”, “Star Wars”? Meet Robert Watts, the producer / “force”. **

From Robert Watts, writer/ producer/filmmaker
(NBC’s “Mystery of the Sphinx” documentary, “Star Wars” trilogy, “Indiana Jones” movies, + many more).

[**Everyone knows about Lucas & Spielberg. But for a big surprise, read the credits on the above movies – the fine print about producer or executive producr.
Search online for him too.
Could the strange stories be “cover-ups”, true or slander?

1) Something happened that changed his life.
2) He got hi-tech proof of a secret chamber between the Sphinx and Great Pyramid in Egypt.

3)  He asked Jon to help him find and open the legendary “hall of records”.
4) The “Lost Teachings” explains why it won’t be made public, which is why Jon Peniel reveals the important parts of it’s contents in the book.]

“…It put together the pieces of truth I found throughout my life.”

…I would still be searching for the things I’ve always known, but couldn’t find in writing… much thanks for the love!”

“I knew it before I read it!”

“Who am I and why am I here? I get it now.” 

“Life – the user manual.”

“The most amazing book I’ve ever read. It changed my life forever.”

The majority of readers say they’ve waited their whole life for this book.

The point of this book is it’s message, and it’s spiritual teachings, not Atlantis. Because of that message, some readers have actually suggested other titles. Here are some suggestions they’ve sent in, they’re all great, and all truly applicable:

“Everything You Wanted to Know about the Meaning of Life but were afraid to ask”


“Real Answers about why We are Here and what Life is All about (for those who have found the answers they’ve gotten so far don’t MAKE SENSE).”

“The Complete Idiot’s Guide to God, Creation, & Enlightenment”

“Getting Back into Direct Contact with God – a ‘How To’ Manual”

“…Fascinating, impossible to put down…answers more questions about life and creation than anything I’ve read. Sheds more light on Jesus and the Bible than the Gospel of St. Thomas” – (minister of a Christian church)

This book presents amazing ancient spiritual wisdom in a clear, simple, common sense, UNDERSTANDABLE manner. Many readers say it’s not only the first thing that has tied together bits & pieces of truth they’ve already found, but that they also have an inner sense of already “knowing” information they’ve never heard before. The book is made fun and fascinating, because the teachings are hidden within a very interesting story. It’s based on the story and life of Jon Peniel, who found and joined an ancient secret monastery many years ago, when he was only 17. Founded many thousands of years ago by their Grand Master (who later became known as Jesus), the monks explained how the Buddhas, and many other teachers and religions, sprang forth from this order.

Reading this book allows you to vicariously experience becoming a monk and transforming your life through enlightenment. Share Jon’s 3 years there, learning their secrets, and discovering the knowledge of the ages, as you yourself learn the knowledge of the ages. The book includes ancient prophecy, pre-history, teachings & techniques for transforming your life, and creating a World of Kindness & Real Love.

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