The Dead Sea Scrolls

The “dead sea scrolls” of atlantis?

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Can applying so-called Universal Laws from ancient “lost” civilizations apply to modern life and personal successes or failures (spiritually and physically)?

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Scientists no longer argue the existence of Atlantis, just its location. Could the writers of the “Dead Sea Scrolls”, a spiritual order called the Essenes, be one of many splinter group descendents of Atlantis?

The dead sea scrolls are two thousand years old, many are hidden away by the Vatican and Rockefeller foundation, yet even the “publicly released” scroll translations reveal amazing information – but there is far more.

The dead sea scrolls weren’t discovered until the late ’50s. Until then, the existence of the Essenes were an unproven myth, scientifically speaking. Is the legend of Atlantis more than just a myth also?

As with many myths, stories are often based in fact. Like the dead sea scrolls, information also exists about other “lost” civilizations or cultures.
The ancient Greek scholar, Plato, gave detailed accounts of “the lost city of Atlantis” (or lost continent of Atlantis).

Are there other descendents of Atlantis alive now, whose children’s children have always been taught their long history in secret?

Many believe the “great flood” was the legendary disaster that sunk lost Atlantis.  What if there were survivors of the cataclysm that destroyed Atlantis?  Survivors who chose to remain isolated from the rest of the world, and live in secret? Could such people be the foundation of many stories & legends?  Might the mythical Greek and Roman gods have been from the lost continent of Atlantis? Could legendary places like Mt. Olympus, Shangri-la, and more, be the isolated encampments where they lived? Could the historical legends of the Hopi, be about escaping the cataclysms of Atlantis (on flying turtle shells)?

As Plato’s story was a “modern account” about Atlantis, for those who lived in his lifetime – “The Lost Teachings of Atlantis”, is a modern factual account, for your lifetime, written by an actual “descendent”.

This book is the true story of the author’s discovery of, and 3 years in, a secret monastery hidden deep in the Himalayas.  The Shargung la monastery (named after a pass nearest the far away monastery in a “forbidden” area of Tibet) was the source of legends, such as “Shangri la” (from a “fiction” book written by James Hilton).  It remained totally isolated and undisturbed until recently.

Unlike the Hopi who were not part of the Children of the Law of One (CLO) and barely escaped at the last minute, the monks of the order of the CLO, had long prepared for the disaster, and moved before hand. Thus, they still practiced the ways of their forebearers – survivors of Atlantis that had gone to Egypt, then later, Tibet, the Pyrenees, the Yucatan, and other locales.

The book is not about the discovery, archeology, or sociology however.  It is the revelation of their teachings, history, and prophecy, which have been released at this time (the final years of “life as we know it”), as dictated by their own prophecy, and that in the Edgar Cayce readings.

It is presented in an easy to read format that allows the reader to join the author as he learns the teachings at the monastery. It includes much information, such as how to return to our original spiritual state through special  techniques and daily practices, why the world and other people are the way they are, and far more.

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