The Children of the Law of One
and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis
is a treasure of information on  
 of “ancient” “new age” subjects


Using Atlantean Vibrational Sounds – Yoga – Wesak – Dreams – Crystals – Creation – Teachers – Prophecy – Soulmates – Ascended Masters -Channeling – Numerology – Affirmations – Using Free Will – Ancient Meditations – The Origin of the Tarot – The School of the Prophets – The Great White Brotherhood – Releasing the Angel/Christ Inside – The War Between Atlantis and Lemuria – The Link Between Atlantis, Egypt, and Tibet -Improving your life by understanding Universal Laws – Atlantean Psychic Development & Rejuvenation Techniques – The Oldest name of God that’s actually a vibrational key to the Universe And More!!!

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