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Is lost history a key to your future happiness or misery?

Dinosaurs were lost in a major disaster. We survived.

The history of ancient civilizations describe a great flood. Who wrote the stories? Survivors.

Most scientists agree Atlantis existed and was one of those civilizations.

There were survivors of others…why not Atlantis?

The lost history of your ancestors?

“Life finally makes sense when you know, and realize, the simple Universal laws behind happiness and success…misery and failure.”

Decades ago, the author found an isolated monastery in the Himalayas of Tibet, trained as a monk, learned from them and their ancient library.

Written in an adventure novel style, the book reconstructs his conversations with the monks. It’s better than being there with him – it’s just like being him, learning the same things, enduring the hardships, sharing the joys and realizations, and slowly changing as he did, step by step, over 3 years.

Join him in his journey of discovering our ancient lost history and the Universal laws that govern the Universe, nature, our lives and the future.

Was legendary Atlantis the legendary “Garden of Eden”?

Have we separated our consciousness from oneness with the Universal Spirit by our thoughts and actions – thereby suffering until we return to the awareness of oneness and harmony? And how can we do that. When you read it, you’ll feel an inner bell “ring” and you’ll realize that you’ve always known it in your own heart.

Physics & spirituality, finally on the same track! Such exciting advances!  Call it the “One” energy, like Einstein, the “God Particle” or the one “God/Universal Spirit/Great Spirit/Creator/Creation” – whatever works for you. It is everywhere, everything, and most likely has always been and  always will be.

Do suppressed ancient texts give common sense answers to why there’s so much suffering, how to be happy, life’s great questions and more?

Is our happiness or suffering just a matter of knowing and following forgotten lost laws? YOU DECIDE!  🙂  READ THE FREE CHAPTERS, AND….


Universal laws and how to use them to be happy. The myths, symbology & reality behind Greek, Roman and Egyptian gods. What life’s all about, Why do we exist? The Universal pattern of Solar systems, galaxies, atoms and soul mates.
Metaphysics, (real & fake)
Atlantis, Hopi, Yucatan, ancient Egypt & Tibet.

The coming age of Christ – living in it now, and helping to bring it to the world.
Jesus throughout time and history.
Lost sciences.
Who built the pyramids and what they really are.
The “Great Flood”.
Who we are.
Why we’re here.
Who/what is God?
Where we came from.
How to be happy and end suffering.

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