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This is a list of all our internal links on the Atlantis website.  Most contain important spiritual information, including offsite links to pages created by John Peniel for free meditation technique instruction, reiki, diet, amazing supplements, yoga, news, A.R.E. – Edgar Cayce, and much more. We try to include other sites also, that relate to our articles or features.

If you have a website, or will put up a website to help us out (we can give you instructions if you don’t know how), you can really help people find us on the search engines by linking to us. Links to our site are important for our search engine rank.  Linking instructions are on the “Please link to us” page.  We are non-dogmatic, non-denominational, but “kin” to those of any faith (or none, even atheists) who’s priority is to be caring, compassionate and harmless.

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Features, free meditation reiki & misc. articles

 our meditation techniques including some used in other traditions- breathing, guided and visualization

The effects of HGH on meditation & spiritual
messages of angels & saints
inspirational quotes &
online spiritual guidance
reiki healing/Advanced Reiki
(and qray bracelet chi)
and the new Rayma Bracelet
end times prophecy & Earth Changes. Nostradamus
Edgar Cayce Links:Visit All Edgar
for the new Edgar Cayce
readings CD ROM & “Cayce
Yoga” Video, or
order from us!
Edgar Cayce CD-Rom
“Cayce Yoga” video

Edgar Cayce & John Peniel

edgar cayce book reviews

news & updates
Cool Stuff for
Body, Mind & Spirit

Atlantis Vibrational Sounds
• guided meditation
• instant deep meditation
• affirmation/goal setting
• spiritual healing/growth

sacred sexuality techniques of tantra yoga & tantric sex
tantra-tantric sex
goal setting-affirmation tool

Our monks’ herb tea blends
for meditation & stimulation

zen alarm clocks – wake to
chimes w/ zen alarm clocks
Demonstrate powers of the mind & ReikiGuaranteed.
angels/past life memories?
frankincense & myrrh. Our
monastery’s incense
& General aromatherapy info
Astrological Info
astrological transit charts
astrology birth charts & sign compatibility “love horoscopes”
Peniels hgh comments or the
info/order sites HGH MD &
Yoga our own unique style.
Retreats & videos
or other style yoga videos
amazing fossilized coral
calcium supplements
 a super health supplement?
Read Jon Peniel’s comments.
the health products we use
read Jon Peniel’s comments
about dr. atkins diet, or see
low carbohydrate foods

spiritual books
by Jon Peniel

” Children of the Law of One™
& the Lost Teachings of
Atlantis” (nonfiction)
info, cover, reviews & more

1-Table of Contents
3-Survivors of Atlantis
4-My spiritual journey & arrival
5-The “Religion” of Atlantis
6-Different Points of View: 7-Universal Consciousness and 8-Separate Consciousness
9-Sources of the teachings & What/Who is God
10-Real metaphysics

spiritual books by
Jon Peniel & Others
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meditation & music CDs

meditation music, music
therapy, “new age music”

& more by Peniel & friends
meditation music therapy
childrens books CDs
for bed/naptime & calming
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Ways YOU can Help
us & others
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Earth Changes topics:

Edgar Cayce/A.R.E./John Peniel related:

Here’s a quote from someone formerly with A.R.E. headquarters, about the book “The Children of the Law of One™  & the Lost Teachings of Atlantis”:

“…clarifies and substantiates information in the Edgar Cayce readings.  But it also goes far beyond, bringing us up to date and guiding our way into the future with a long awaited spiritual message.  And if you have been waiting to know the contents of the legendary ‘Hall of Records’, this is must reading.”
– Naia Oneheart, (former A.R.E. Contact Correspondence Representative)

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“The Children of the Law of One & the Lost Teachings of Atlantis” book, related links:

What are READERS saying

Children of the Law of One™ & the Lost Teachings of Atlantis” (nonfiction),
more info, cover picture, reviews,
and free online book chapters

Click Here to Order

Back Cover

Topics covered

Table of Contents


Survivors of Atlantis

My Journey & Arrival

The “Religion” of Atlantis

Different Points of View: Universal Consciousness and Separate Consciousness

Sources & Descendents of the Teachings
& What/Who is God

New UFO & Aliens Series Booklets




Coming soon – articles and free newsletter stories about prophecy, myths, legends, non-fiction & fiction, Stargate Atlantis, articles about many religious traditions, including: Early Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Hopi-Native American, Theosophy, A.R.E.,  “The School of the Prophets”, the Essenes, Mysticism, Atlantis, ancient Egyptian religion, awakening, the Ascended Masters El Morya, Kuthumi, other beliefs, plus more!
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