20 Minute Tibetan Yoga

The History of Tibetan Yoga

The ancestor of other forms of yoga, Tibetan Yoga is unique in its benefits. You may recognize some familiar postures, breathing, etc. But if you look closer, you’ll discover an integral approach that is missing in many forms of yoga.

Some forms of yoga often focus primarily on postures,  breathing, or stretching. Tibetan Yoga uses a balanced holistic combination of stretching, intense aerobic breathing techniques, and ancient secret energy techniques.

Acupuncture Meridian Balancing Yoga Techniques

Totally unique to this yoga, are techniques that balance the acupuncture meridians through a series of simple hand movements around your body. They take only a few minutes to do, but it helps you feel fantastic and healthy every day. We’ve actually measured the points with sophisticated scientific equipment, and seen the results (more below). If your meridians get out of balance or you feel “drained” during the day, you can quickly and easily re-balance yourself (you can even do it during bathroom breaks!).

20 minute tibetan yoga™
20 minutes to Health & Inner Peace

Once you learn our tibetan yoga flow, it only takes 20 minutes a day to keep your body, mind, spirit & emotions in harmony and tuned to peak performance.

The instructional video, recorded on the seashore of Maui, is about 45 minutes long. Once you’ve learned it, you can move on to the workout video – a 20 minute tibetan yoga™ “flow” recorded in the Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado.


20 minute Tibetan Yoga™

The Children of the Law of One’s Tibetan Yoga is similar to, yet offers more benefits than other yoga’s.

Our yoga DVDs & yoga retreats not only teach postures, breathing and exercises, they teach the energy secrets of Tibetan yoga (found in no other yoga).

These energy exercises are extremely powerful and yet only take 1 or 2 minutes. They are totally discrete (no deep breathing or radical movements). Thus, you can do them anytime, anywhere even in a public restroom or a closet at work! Their effects are much like acupuncture yet they involve no needles, nor even pushing on points on your skin. Now you can get an instant energy & health boost without cutting into your day. Scientifically proven to effect your biological and mental energies.

Now this isn’t the only thing you get.  You get a complete yoga workout with stretching, postures, breathing, etc. for when you have time to do them.

“a few minutes a day keeps the doctor away”

Instructional Video

The techniques on this Tibetan Yoga DVD are taught in an easy to understand manner.  45 min.  Filmed on a beach in Maui!
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Workout Video

After you’ve learned the techniques, join the instructor on this 20 minute Tibetan yoga workout dvd.  Filmed at the Garden of the Gods park in Colorado.
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