Active Celibacy

Active Celibacy

The Traditional Spiritual Sexuality Training of Atlantis


This is the 2nd of a series of little booklets on spiritual sexuality by spiritual teacher/monk Jon Peniel.

“Active Celibacy” is considered to be the highest form of spiritual sexuality, and more effective for spiritual development and raising consciousness than regular celibacy, or other forms of tantra. Plus, it allows for sexual ecstasy and spiritual bliss to become one in the same, and those who master it become “the world’s greatest lovers”, while returning to Oneness with the Universal Spirit.

The sequel to “Sex & the Spiritual Guy (or Woman) – a guide to spiritual sexuality”, Active Celibacy is the fundamental instruction manual for the positive tantric sex method taught and practiced by the CLO (Children of the Law of One™ ). After you have mastered the techniques in this booklet, you can go on to the advanced techniques given in part 3 of the series “Magical Sex”. If you intend to do these practices, we highly recommend you read the entire series in order.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jon studied in the Tibetan monastery of an ancient spiritual order (mentioned often in the Edgar Cayce readings) that traces its lineage from Atlantis, to ancient Egypt and Tibet. Cayce prophesized that Peniel would give the world “the new order of things” for the new age, during a crucial time of change.

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