Astrological Transit Charts

astrological transit charts

Our astrology transits are custom horoscopes WITH interpretations computer calculated based on the exact time, date & location you were born, and the period of time you want a present or future forecast for.
Seeing what’s going on in YOUR life (now and in the future),
can help you make better decisions for a better life.

We’re dedicated to helping people. In our opinion, we offer the best astrological charts, interpretations / readings available since the destruction of our Tibetan monastery. While computerized, they are very thorough, and can give insights that can help guide people, their friends & family (including understanding children for positive child raising help).

(coming soon in our newsletter – info on some of the secrets to the unique and ancient astrological methods used by the CLO monks).

Astrology Birth Charts and
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transit charts with interpretations


Even if you don’t believe in astrology, millions of people find horoscopes a lot of fun. And when they are actually created with facts based on your data, they are much more than just some “made-up newspaper column stuff” that fits anyone.

Some people say astrology is “evil”. That simply isn’t true. In fact, it was used by the Zoroastrian “Magi” – (a also known as “the 3 wise men”) who were “guided” by a star to the birth of Jesus. The actual ancient biblical stories and facts are different and elaborate more than the modern bible story. They Magi already knew about Jesus’ birth and where it was going to be, because they were a kindred sect to the Essene sect of Judaism, that Jesus was part of. The original ancient bible used this story in part, to teach about astrology (the whole story was edited from the modern bible).

You’ve probably been noticing the intense pressure people are feeling these days. Our page about astrology discusses how (if used properly), it can help you understand your self, not rule or control your life. Astrology should just be another means of info to help you understand your self, and control your life better.

A transit chart is just one type of astrological chart/ reading that “updates” your “natal chart” (birth chart). It compares the data of your birthday, time and location, to the present placement of planets and your present location.

In other words, it is like an elaborate, comprehensive, real horoscope based on individual personal data. Astrologers consider it a way to get insight into the changes you’ve gone through, what may be happening in your life now, the “tendencies & characteristics” of your self are in the present, and what your personal future may have in store for you (depending on where you live now and the choices you make).

We offer 3 month and 6 month transit forecasts/readings.  We highly recommend getting one or more immediately (for you and anyone else you feel should have one).

PLEASE NOTE: When ordering a transit chart please enter your information below as
accurately as possible into the COMMENTS/Special instructions section during checkout. Thank you:

name of individual
exact birth date
exact time of birth
was the date of birth during daylight savings time?
location of birth
the location you want your transit to apply to
the beginning date for the time period you want covered in your transit forecast.

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NOTE: These and all our astrology related items are for entertainment only.

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