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Astrology Birth Charts

Love Horoscopes,
Astrology Compatibility &
Birth Astrology Charts

These are NOT the typical “made-up” horoscope you find in newspapers – they’re customized individual astrological birth charts, sign astrology compatibility charts WITH interpretations computer calculated to the exact time, date & location you entered this life.
Astrology Charts / Love Horoscope / Astrological Compatibility and Child Guidance Aids.

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We are dedicated to helping people, and believe that used properly, these can have true meaning to help guide you and your family’s lives.

Our opinion is that these are the best astrological charts and interpretations / readings available since the destruction of our Tibetan monastery. While computerized, they are very comprehensive, complete, and can give insights & guidance that can be very helpful (for yourself, others, and for positive child raising).

Birth charts

Astrology is one of the most ancient arts, and there are many different types.

They involve many things, and there are many different ways to calculate their locations and alleged effects on us.

The system being offered here is essentially based on the modern methods of determining the meaning of the planets and Sun in our lives. They come from a computer database that we have found to be most excellent.  They don’t replace the few “top” human astrologers (very expensive), who can mentally or intuitively blend seemingly contradictory elements and meanings, but you can easily do it yourself if you just keep certain things in mind while reading them (discussed later).

Depending on which type you choose, they provide insight regarding your personality (self urges and tendencies) from when you were born, to how you have changed up to the present, how your relationships are or can be (your astrological compatibility with other people and what that may mean).

It can help you find a soul mate or good mate, get through challenges better, and live more harmoniously.

It can also help you see the potentials, good or bad, in your children, and guide them to their best possible advantage.

Casting astrology charts for yourself, family and friends, compatibility with a mate, or even viewing the “map” of the best times to take some action or start a business, etc. is an art that can be very helpful for self-improvement or spiritual growth, when done the right way, interpreted by the right person, and both understood AND USED properly by the person receiving the horoscope. But don’t get caught up in the popular myth that the stars rule you and your destiny. They only provide a “magical mirror” of what is and could be, but the road you choose is what creates your ultimate destiny.

You probably didn’t know that many of the most successful money makers on Wall Street use astrologers, as did Hitler. In fact, one of the major turning points in the war was when OSS agents were sent in to modify Hitler’s charts in a way his astrologers would not be aware of, but would throw off all his calculations.

People often start with their natal (birth) chart. It can help them understand a great deal about both their childhood, and even present personalities. It can reveal motivations, talents, strengths, weaknesses, etc. It can thus provide opportunities for working through life’s challenges, “hang-ups” and what you may think are the “unsurpassable limitations” that make your life what it is, or stand in the way of you achieving your goals.

But you must understand that this was just a “snapshot” of characteristics, traits and challenges that you brought in with you, and that we all have free will, many choices in our lives – “forks in the road” and you may have transcended or made changes that make your “snapshot” partially or totally invalid.

For instance, an enlightened person from whatever background/tradition, is no longer under the influence of their birth chart – they have been “reborn”, and totally transcended any personal self urges or tendencies. Nor do compatibility issues come into play, because “signs” they may have previously had typically good or bad interactions with, are all understood, and dealt with in harmony.

The next issue that many people are in complete misunderstanding of, is that the impact of the planets, their locations, etc., DO NOT INFLUENCE YOU IN THE WAY YOU MAY THINK.  Contrary to what most people think (even many astrologers), the planets do not “rule” or “predestine” our lives, or who we are and what will happen to us. It’s actually the other way around.

They are merely a “map” of your personal urges and tendencies.

WE ALL HAVE FREE WILL and can completely alter our destiny.

You were just born at a certain time and place, to a certain family situation, to bring you back to who you were in your last life, and to set up the challenges you and the Universal Spirit (God) have decided you need/want. The planets happened to be in a certain place at that time, to reflect that, so you can be guided to change if you wish. The same is true of the present or future (you can get something called “transits” that show current or future placement of the planets).

Thus, astrology charts are more like great insightful guidelines that not only DO NOT predestine your life, but give you the information that can help you change your life. For example, if it’s saying you’re likely to make a rash decision that you’ll regret, you can be very cautious and choose to not make any rash decisions – but to think them through first. Even though you may “feel” like making a rash decision and are put in that situation.

Of course, some planetary aspects indicate the good points of who you are, and don’t need changing.

But for the things you still need or want to change, if you don’t get caught into the “devil made me do it” excuse for your life (or in this case, “such and such a planet made me do it”), they can help, by pointing out areas that you can improve upon.

Our astrology chart/birth chart and reading will also include a 10 to 20 page detailed interpretation/report of your potentials, personality, and tendencies.

Here’s a quirk though – reading some of the statements about yourself might seem “right on the money” while others don’t, or seem totally contradictory or inaccurate. Why?

In some cases it’s because you have already changed a particular characteristic or overcome an aspect of yourself.

Other times it’s because it reflects the complexities of all our personalities – after all, we all aren’t consistently un-argumentative, nor consistently argumentative, right? So you’re chart might show that one aspect says you’re argumentative, while another aspect says you’re a peacemaker and never argue.  Only a master astrologer can look at your entire chart, combine the various aspects, and give you the “blend” that makes you YOU. Even the best computer database at this time, can only look at each aspect, and say what each one means. YOU need to find the balance in the contradictions if there are any, and you are capable of it if you’ll let your intuition guide you and get your “self” out of the way of seeing the balanced truth.

So keep that balance in mind while reading yours, and don’t get hung up on one aspect, and wait till you read the entire thing before you see how the apparent “truths”, “conflicts” or “seeming untruths” may actually balance themselves, or cancel themselves out, revealing more of the “real you” (or better yet, the “real” separate self map of you or what you choose to make of it using your free will).

One more thing, if you don’t know the exact time of your birth, try to find it through county or hospital records. Because being off by just an hour, can completely change the areas of life that are being shown to you. For instance, if you get an astrology reading that says you are really “assertive” when it comes to love, if you are an hour off, it might mean that you are really assertive in business.

NOTE: These and all our astrology related items are for entertainment only.


Birth Chart

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Compatibility Chart

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