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The Lost Teachings of Atlantis and the Children of the Law of One

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Sustainable Living & Emergency Preparedness Guide


The Last Days of Atlantis
by Jon Peniel

Some people think the Lost Teachings is fiction. It doesn’t really matter. But if you want to see Jon P in action writing fiction, you have a real treat in store. Jon wrote a series of Atlantis fiction books over the last several decades, covering the last days of Atlantis, the exodus to ancient Egypt, etc.   They are not only great fun, starting off with following the adventures of our Atlantean heroes Isis and Osirus, Toth, and many more, but they are consistent with both the LTA and the Edgar Cayce readings. In other words, something like Star Wars, these exciting adventure stories also teach spiritual and moral principles.


“The Last Days of Atlantis”. Click here for description and ordering.

Science of Being

A rare antique book from Eugene Fersen, now available as an e-book.

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NOW IN EBOOK VERSION: “The Little Book of Messages from Angels & Saints”

A booklet of select phrases from the Ancient Teachings parts of “The Lost Teachings of Atlantis” (the parts that appear at the beginning of most chapters).  The hard copy version is rustically hand bound with leather, by monks.

Many people love to use this book for daily inspirations, or like an oracle – just thinking of a question or asking for guidance, and opening it to a page randomly.  Click here

“The Golden Rule Workbook”

Jon highly recommended this book for many reasons and situations. It is a self-help guide for self-improvement for individuals, families and friends, and even integrates well with most any religion that believes in the Golden Rule, kindness, compassion, caring and self-improvement. Thus, regardless of what religion you belong to (or if you are an atheist or agnostic) its self-help techniques can work for you. You can even start your own GR club and meeting program within your own faith, with the permission of your priest, minister, Rabbi, lama, cleric, yogi, or whoever your faith’s spiritual leaders are.

The CLO hasn’t accepted new student monks for over a decade, and the very few monk teachers available are spread thin around the world these days. This workbook was developed for self-improvement via self-help. It’s great for those who either don’t want a teacher, can’t find one, or those who don’t want to toss their regular lives and becoming a monk. It’s designed to be a do-it-yourself guide and has thorough step-by-step details on how to conduct meetings, with the philosophy and background necessary to understand how it all works.

For those who want to incorporate self-improvement within their everyday lives, this book is a must read.  Gives specific guidelines for how to do special group therapy and constructive  criticism meetings with friends/family/roommates or groups. The methods can be used for everything from abuse therapy, self-improvement, relationship improvement, or even spiritual growth. For more info, & free chapters, see the golden rule website.

New UFO & Aliens Series Booklets
by Jon Peniel

CNN and other mainstream news sources are finally reporting sightings of UFOs. Long reported by police officers, scientists, airline pilots, and many other reliable trained witnesses, Peniel’s travels once crossed paths with a UN ambassador who was actually on a mission regarding this (after massive sightings all over Japan during a world summit). Read all about the fascinating things he learned, and ancient texts about them, from his 3 booklet series.


“Ancient Atlantean teachings on, and my experiences with, Aliens & UFO’s.” Parts 1,2,3. Click here for cover, description, or ordering.

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