Last Days of Atlantis

The Last Days of Atlantis

Jon Peniel’s riveting fiction book based on the true story.

The first in a series of exciting fiction books Jon worked on for decades, based on the true story of the “Last Days of Atlantis”.
It’s a real fun semi-fiction story that mixes murder mystery with sci-fi, ancient teachings, what life was like back then, the politics of (and struggles between) the CLO and the Belialians, the lives of Thoth, Isis and Osirus, the flying crafts and energy systems used by the CLO and Belialians of the time, dolphin friends that visit the book’s hero and heroines’ cool beach house (created by their minds) that extends into an underwater coral reef, crystals, vibrational healing, and so much more!
Some people think the Lost Teachings is fiction. It doesn’t really matter. But if you want to see Jon P in action writing fiction, you have a real treat in store. Jon wrote a series of Atlantis fiction books over the last several decades, covering the last days of Atlantis, the exodus to ancient Egypt, etc. They are not only great fun, starting off with following the adventures of our Atlantean heroes Isis and Osirus, Toth, and many more, but they are consistent with both the LTA and the Edgar Cayce readings. In other words, something like Star Wars, these exciting adventure stories also teach spiritual and moral principles.


The Last Days of Atlantis in Adobe Acrobat pdf format: $9.95 #ABOOK-LDOA


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