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Coral Calcium products

Fossilized Coral Calcium Supplements & Toothpaste

All Coral Calcium is not created equal!
see Jon Peniel’s comments on fossilized coral calcium supplements
including what amazing changes we’ve seen in our
DOGS after giving them the pure fossilized coral calcium supplements!


Coral Calcium Complex Vegetable Caps



Gelatin free! Now made with vegetable caps!

Nature’s best source of absorbable calcium, plus 72 vital trace minerals.  Each cap contains 300mg of coral.  90 capsule bottle (one month supply at 3 per day).

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  • from ECOSAFE™ above sea coral deposits on Okinawa*
  • contains 72 minerals and trace minerals that are missing from our diets – every mineral found in the body, and in similar proportions to how they’re naturally balanced in the body.
  • includes vitamin D, Betaine HCL, and Malic Acid to help the calcium be absorbed into the blood.

Minerals have complex interactions with each other. They can both interfere with each other, and sometimes need to be in certain balances together for each to absorb properly or do their job.

Calcium can be very difficult to assimilate. No matter how much you take, it won’t do any good if you can’t absorb it.  Coral is allegedly the easiest to assimilate, if used in conjunction with all other appropriate factors.

Coral Complex includes hydrochloric acid (like stomach acid) and vitamin D for coral calcium absorption, and Malic acid from apples to prevent calcium clumping, which can cause gas and constipation.

Polluted and dangerous Coral Calcium!

Some sources of coral collect or vacuum it from the ocean floor. Compared to even a hundred years ago, the ocean is very polluted and now has many more contaminants.

Other sources kill living coral to make their supplements.  Besides the fact that it is also from polluted water, you are contributing to the loss of reef. Reefs are like the rainforests of the ocean, highly endangered, and vital to the beginning of the food chain – and they are already dying off from other environmental causes.

We searched for a Coral Calcium supplier that say they use only clean fossilized coral deposits that are above sea level.

Another major difference between coral supplements are bio-availability.  Coral Complex includes a blend of minerals and absorption enhancers and uses a fine powdered coral (2 micron, the consistency of flour).   All this allows approximately 84% of the calcium in Coral Complex to be ionized and available for absorption into the blood stream.  By comparison, a typical coral teabag product contains 1000 mg. of coral of which 380 mg. is calcium.   Only 150 mg. (39%) of this calcium ionizes into the water and may be absorbed IF the necessary magnesium and vitamin D are present.

Amounts per capsule:

  • vitamin c (as ascorbic acid; 5mg)
  • vitamin d3 (as cholecaliferol; 400iu)
  • calcium (from coral and calcium citrate; 300mg)
  • magnesium (from coral, magnesium oxide, citrate; 56mg)
  • proprietary blend (Malic acid and betaine HCL and 72 trace minerals from Coral; 16mg)

Other ingredients: vegetable cellulose, water.

Gluten-free.  Vit. D from natural sources. One capsule contains 300mg coral.  Manufacturer’s recommended maintenance supplementation – 3 per day (but do as advised by your doctor). Some people take 6 per day.

Coral Calcium Pure Powder



100% Powdered Coral

$34.95 per (114grams) bottle
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  • from ECOSAFE™ above sea coral deposits on Okinawa*
  • contains 73 minerals and trace minerals that are missing from our diets – every mineral found in the body, and in similar proportions to how they’re naturally balanced in the body.

Serving Size: One gram

Servings Per Container:  114

Amount per serving:  calcium from coral (375mg), magnesium from coral (7mg)

Other ingredients: none

Gluten-free. Supplemental maintenance amount, one gram (1/4 teaspoon) per day as advised by your health professional. We’ve heard some people take 3 grams per day.

Coral White Toothpaste


6oz tube of Coral White Toothpaste available in Mint or Tea Tree
#CCC-TPS6, $6.95
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1oz Travel size! Available in Mint.
#CCC-TPS1, $2.95
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