HGH Human Growth Hormone

hgh human growth hormone

Several years ago Jon Peniel was on a trip in the U.S., when he repeatedly began hearing about a new form of HGH human growth hormone from many unrelated sources. Jon knew it was no coincidence – it was a type of synchronicity – an “indirect message” so to speak, from God/Universal Spirit.

Thus he looked into it more, and turned up a lot of interesting info, some of which was common medical knowledge, and other “tidbits” seemed to be being “kept quiet”. Here is just some of that info:

Hgh is naturally found in the body.  It’s made by the pituitary gland.  It’s responsible for growth in growing years, then apparently switches to a rejuvenation and anti aging role.  Early research was focused on helping growth impaired children with hgh deficiency, grow.  But later studies on adults, appeared to reveal health, anti-aging and longevity benefits for adults.  The clinical results were amazing.

Although HGH human growth hormone had been used, and researched by medical doctors and clinics, for nearly a half century, back then hgh was illegal, only available by injections, and very expensive.

I believe the very early stuff in the ’50’s, was extracted from the glands of cadavers.  But then, as with most drugs that originated from natural sources, a molecular replication (synthetic) version was created (sort of how “aspirin” is a synthetic modification from the herb “white willow bark”). Of course, especially when it comes to glandular extracts, we prefer the synthetic replica (especially now with “mad cow” and such). We’ve been told by HGH human growth hormone manufacturers, that the product we use is NOT from human or animal sources. Apparently it’s actually “grown” in a laboratory on something like yeast.

But what Jon was hearing about now was an even newer development (a synthetic hgh oral spray) that was a legal, safe, and classified by the FDA as a nutritional supplement. While there is no clinical trial evidence yet, it seemed to have the same anti-aging and health benefits as the hgh injections, in those who had lower levels of hgh human growth hormone (levels start dropping for most people around age 30). It’s called hgh deficiency, and it can even be tested for (via blood or saliva).

Jon was told of remarkable health benefits from a specific brand of hgh spray, by everyone from friends, doctors, and even strangers.  They said it could actually reverse many effects of aging, including the immune system, memory, concentration, libido, physical appearances, and vitality.

Jon was sent the research facts. After contemplating the “message” and the science, he decided that even though he would never ordinarily use such a thing in the past, that because of the work demands of the times, and that he probably wouldn’t be around much longer anyway and maybe it would enable him to both get more done, and for more years, he would start using it.

Until his recent passing, he had been using it for years.  He said it greatly increased his energy levels and health. He began working much harder and even longer hours than his normal “beyond belief” working habits. He says he knows he wouldn’t have been able to nearly as much work, go without sleep like he did, or possibly even stay alive so long, without it.  Other monks began using it and reporting many benefits also.  It also seemed to help with muscle development (without exercise – or even more with), fat loss, organ conditions, etc., etc.

We are very enthused about this product, and believe that almost anyone other than youngsters can benefit substantially.

After hearing many fantastic user testimonials and researching it further, a CLO supporter friend became a distributor of the pleasant tasting oral spray we use. They also researched it to make sure there were no adverse side effects like some hormones can have.  While doing that, they found that there are hundreds of fake “HGH” products out there, and chose only the legitimate one Jon’s doctor friends recommended. They are also using the company that does the toll-free/online order taking/shipping for our books and products, Windsor-Hill Inc.. And if you buy through them, some of the profits help support us & our projects too!

If you just want to order what we & Jon used now, click on HGH youth hormone, then when that opens up, click on the “Order” link near the top of that page (just under the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee line), which will take you directly to the order page and give you various retail or wholesale options.  Or phone order through Windsor Hill at 719-221-9779.

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