Stress Relaxation and Self Help Mind Tools

The MotivAider

The motivaider is a powerful invaluable  aid to achieving goal success and reminding you of affirmations for your self improvement program (and can even work as an automatic meditation timer).

This inconspicuous device looks like a pager, clips on your waistband or fits in your pocket. It silently vibrates at time intervals you choose, helping you improve yourself and your life.

Caught up in the pressures of daily life, it’s easy to fall into old habits, and forget goals or your self-improvement program.

The MotivAider helps you remember the things you want to do, at whatever intervals you choose. Set it to remind you as often as every minute, or as seldom as every 24 hours. Its silent vibration will remind you of your intentions – often when you need it most.

Use it to remember things like doing affirmations throughout the day, bringing to mind your goals & ideals, breathing deeply, posture, feeling unselfish love, whatever! Developed by a psychologist to help you change your thought patterns to let go of destructive habits, learn positive new ones, attain goals, and promote well-being. Highly  recommended.


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