Music Therapy

Music that feels good & makes you feel better.

That’s music therapy.

Sounds or music that heal, rejuvenate & revitalize?  Cases of MS & Alzheimer’s being significantly improved, or healed, with music therapy? Read the research on the web.

Music therapy and sound therapy can definitely reduce stress, spiritually inspire, and be a great meditation in and of itself.

If popular music nowadays is “sickening” to you, our “Music that Feels Good” might be the cure! We were often responsible for the best positive lyric hit music of the 60’s & 70’s, and the best classical music of the past. And we still make music that way!

We have CDs in most genres – music therapy, meditation music, “new age music”, children’s books & music, and “old fashioned” positive lyric folk, pop & rock.

Whatever the style, what sets our music apart, is the feeling. It isn’t shallow, meandering, or denigrating – it has positive and deep emotional content.

All CDs are by Jon Peniel & Friends.  All were either produced, arranged, composed, or performed by Peniel. If you love his books or artwork (the art you see on the website and book cover), you’ll probably love the music.  Robert Watts (producer of Star Wars/Indiana Jones) said Jon should do movie scores because of his ability to evoke profound and beautiful images & feelings.


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