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Instantly reap the benefits of years of meditation or biofeedback training – with no effort. Vibrational Sounds guided meditation plus, sound therapy CDs / MP3s / tapes are also a perfect tool for psychologists and therapists, hypnotherapy or self-hypnosis.

It’s not meditation instruction – it uses guided meditation techniques, scientific sound frequencies, and goal affirmations, to create instant advanced meditation states and assist personal transformation.

This isn’t meant to replace traditional meditation techniques training which we recommend. But Vibrational Sounds enhance the ability to meditate, the experience of meditating, training, and far more (read on!).

Instead of getting frustrated practicing meditations for months (not noticing anything happening), you’ll know what it’s like to meditate the very first time you use our tapes, CDs, or MP3 download to get it instantly and save on shipping. Plus you can get it customized for things involving your subconscious mind and changing its “programming”. Relaxation, stress reduction-management, spiritual growth, weight loss, stop smoking, healing, insomnia, sexual issues, intuition development, and many more topics are available. You can also use it for fear and trauma damage issues.

You may have read in “the Lost Teachings of Atlantis” about how the author, Jon Peniel, found info about this in the library of a monastery in Tibet (describing it from ancient civilizations that had advanced technology). Then using his scientific training he began years of research & development.

Since then, his research has been both legitimately used, and “stolen” to create methods for psychological treatment, CDs, tapes, sound and light generating devices, etc., that has made greedy people millions of dollars.

However, Jon liked the work of one outstanding scientist, a medical doctor and PhD (with amazingly impressive credentials). She was already doing exceptional research and development independently, along the same lines as Jon’s. He was also impressed by the doctor’s humanitarian approach and lack of massive greed. For example, the “Lost Teachings” tells people how to make their own recordings if they want to, or can’t afford to buy pre-made tapes/CDs/MP3s for every issue they need help for, or want to do self-improvement work on. Vibrational Sounds recordings as the doctor’s, at the same low prices, but with more topics (especially spiritually related).

The techniques have been proven in hundreds of independent double-blind university and clinical studies, and more come out all the time. One of the latest are it’s use in EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). In our opinion, these recordings, when used properly and especially with a qualified therapist, are the most powerful aid ever known for self improvement – far more effective than subliminal tapes and other methods.

(Vibrational Sounds Technical Details) (Why non subliminal?) (Jon Peniel’s credentials)

Peniel uses a custom version himself – “Besides aiding my health, it allows me to get the equivalent of 3 hours rest in a half-hour. Time is invaluable to me.”  He believes he would have died long ago without them, and other methods and products he uses for health and longevity.

Vibrational Sounds are not music.  They’re brainwave entrainment sounds with guided imagery, visualization, affirmations, post hypnotic suggestions & more (see link). The sounds gently encourage your brain to generate alpha and theta brainwaves (which naturally occur during meditation, relaxation, heightened awareness and creativity).

As the sounds bring you into a deep meditation, a soothing woman’s voice takes you on a guided meditation journey, where you get specific affirmations for your goals. In such deep meditation,  the “seeds” of your self help goals are easily planted in your subconscious.  Then every time you use your sounds CD/MP3/tape, the “seeds get watered” and grow.

“Change your subconscious programming, and it begins to help change your life.”

Phrasing and creating affirmations properly is vital. I.e., you can’t just say “I will lose weight”, to lose weight: 1) it is a “negative” phrase to the subconscious, and reinforces being overweight, helping to continue the cycle;  2) It takes place in the future (“I will…”), thus the subconscious doesn’t act on it; 3) If you don’t “qualify” the statement, you could lose weight unhealthily.

Because of how critical affirmations are, all the affirmations on our recordings have been created or reviewed by Peniel and medical experts.

“Rip offs” of Peniel’s research (and others) have produced many “lame” variations of the original Sounds (to circumvent copyright laws). They’ve sold for between $80 and $400 for the butchered sounds alone. You can only get the original (and best) from us (plus they have all the other techniques), for only $29.95 each

See below link for tapes, but the CD version is highly recommended because it reproduces sound frequencies more accurately.  Requires either a stereo CD or tape player, w/stereo headphones.

Spiritual sexuality Vibrational Sounds for Couples (tantra-tantric sex guided meditation)
Vibrational Sounds Sound-Music Therapy page

Self Help CD For:



Chakra Activation Add To Cart Add To Cart
Weight Loss Add To Cart Add To Cart
Spiritual Development/ Growth Add To Cart Add To Cart
Stress/Stress Management & Reduction Add To Cart Add To Cart
Insomnia/Restful Sleep/Naps (Get a good night’s sleep!) Add To Cart Add To Cart
Healing affirmations/guided imagery Add To Cart Add To Cart
Ancient Chinese Healing affirmations
Given to us by a Dr. who trained with Carl Simonton MD, the highly successful cancer therapist who uses psychology & visualization techniques.
Add To Cart Add To Cart
Emotional Healing
Ties into many things such as eating/sexual disorders, smoking, substance abuse, self-esteem, co-dependency, etc. – almost everyone needs this. Great for those with history of emotional or sexual abuse
Add To Cart Add To Cart
Healthy Habits (Quit smoking, lose weight/gain weight, change unhealthy habits, etc.) Add To Cart Add To Cart
Male Virility Add To Cart Add To Cart
Intuition Development – enhance your “inner-voice” Add To Cart Add To Cart
Power Nap (feels like 3 hours sleep in 28 min.) Add To Cart Add To Cart
Super Energizer Vitality Recharge Add To Cart Add To Cart
Eyesight Add To Cart Add To Cart
Self-Less Confidence Add To Cart Add To Cart
Blossoming Creativity Add To Cart Add To Cart
Accelerated Mega-Learning Add To Cart Add To Cart
Fantastic Memory Add To Cart Add To Cart
Improving Relationships Add To Cart Add To Cart
Developing a Dynamic Success Oriented Personality Add To Cart Add To Cart
Powerful Immune System Add To Cart Add To Cart
Problem Solving Skill Booster Add To Cart Add To Cart
Effective Communication Skills Add To Cart Add To Cart
Becoming Better Organized/Time Management Add To Cart Add To Cart
Will Power Add To Cart Add To Cart
Sounds with Self Perfection Through Constructive Add To Cart Add To Cart
Healing and Victory for Survivors of Child Abuse Add To Cart Add To Cart

Note: Vibrational Sound or Sounds-Music Therapy recordings are not to be used when operating motor vehicles, or dangerous equipment.

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