Jon Peniel’s scientific background

Jon Peniel’s Scientific Background

Among many other things, Jon Peniel is a scientist specializing in psycho-physiology. Background includes:

  • Wrote doctoral thesis on his research into the effects of psychological states, visualization, stress and leading-edge technology, on health, healing, and performance. It also covered the best ways to access the deep subconscious, and use the conscious & subconscious mind together to achieve goals, heal, and attain maximum performance.
  • Pioneering brainwave & biofeedback research.
  • Pioneering biofeedback based meditation.
  • Spent years at a Tibetan monastery, mastering meditation, healing, and other self help techniques.
  • Developing brainwave entrainment techniques.
  • Developed the sub-conscious sound & affirmations recordings.
  • Designing cutting-edge brainwave monitoring, driving, entrainment and biofeedback device that integrates meditation and brainwave driving.
  • Designing “light-goggle” brainwave entrainment device to synchronize the brainwaves of different individuals.
  • The head researcher of a laboratory conducting clinical studies into the effects of color, sound & music therapy.
  • Determining the scientific links between color and sound.  Discovering the precise vibrational equivalents of color for each note in an octave of sound.
  • Conducting double-blind studies with a doctor at UCLA, on the effects of drugs on brainwaves.
  • The first to conduct Kirlian electo-photography in the US.
  • Using electro-photography to study the effects of mental visualization, meditation, emotional attitudes, and healing.
  • Scientifically re-created the “Music of the Spheres” – Used surround sound technology with computer technology and astronomical calculations to create a simulation of the sounds of the planets orbiting the Sun, condensing years of orbital time into a few minutes.  Assigning a different note to each simulated planet, musical chords were created as various planets moved closer and further away in their orbits.

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