scientific techniques used

Some of the scientific techniques used on
the Vibrational Sound ™ therapy recordings (also for emdr use):

  • Random “white noise” (similar to the sounds of wind or ocean waves) at the beginning, create something like an audio version of the Ganzfeld effect, clearing thoughts from the mind and helping access the subconscious.
  • Uses a gentle heartbeat in the background.  The beat begins at a tempo of 60 beats per minute (proven to enhance relaxation & learning – people, like college students, who use the “super-learning” program, listen to music that has a 60 bpm tempo).
  • The heartbeat gradually slows down over a half-hour period. This technique “entrains” the listeners heartbeat (gets it to follow along).  As your heartbeat slows, you relax more, and your mind becomes more receptive to affirmations/suggestions.
  • Uses brainwave entrainment vibrational click sounds that start at the normal “awake and active” brainwave frequencies, and gradual slow over a half-hour, into the Alpha brainwave frequencies (relaxed awareness, light meditation), then to the Alpha-Theta frequencies (associated with deeper meditation, visualizations, and creative thought), then into the Theta frequencies (associated with deep, master-level meditations, deep contemplation, and out-of-body experience).
  • Since the average human hearing spectrum can only hear pure frequencies down to about 20hz (cycles per second), we use an audio “interference pattern” to create a sub-audible beat frequency in the Alpha brainwave range, that is “felt” inside the head rather than heard, thus stimulating Alpha wave production, and the relaxation, intuitive, and meditative benefits associated with that.  This is why you must use stereo headphones and a stereo player.  A 300 hz frequency is played in one ear, while a 310 hz frequency is played in the other ear – this creates the “difference” and sub-audible beat frequency of 10 hz.
  • Uses unique 3-D recording technology, to help by-pass conscious blocking of sounds and voice techniques. The technology was also used on environmental music albums and music therapy found on this site, to let the listener really “be there” in nature (see music therapy link on previous page, bottom of page, or follow “spiritual goods” link on the right links bar).
  • Other techniques of rising frequency sounds or descending frequencies are used to help deepen your state, or bring you back to a normal awake and refreshed state of mind towards the end.

Techniques using a pleasant female “guide’s” voice:

  • Progressive relaxation – you are guided to relax all parts of your body.
  • Guided visualization – classic, time-proven techniques are used to keep your thoughts focused, relax you, and take you into deep meditative states.
  • Self-hypnosis –  classic, time-proven self-hypnosis techniques are used to help you access your subconscious mind.
  • Affirmations – after you are in a deep meditative state with access to your subconscious mind, affirmations are used to help you reprogram it to make the changes you desire (different according to the different volumes you choose).
  • Sub-conscious “trigger words” are given to embed into your subconscious programming.  “Relax, Relax, Relax” is used for you to say to yourself anytime you want to quickly return to your deep meditative state.  “Peaceful now” is used for you to say to yourself, anytime you need to relax and feel inner peace.  Both these trigger words can also be said to you by a trusted loved one, in case you are injured or ill, and incapable of saying them yourself.

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