subliminal self help

Subliminal tapes self help dangers.

Why Vibrational Sounds ™ don’t use subliminal techniques.

I have been researching the conscious and subconscious mind, self improvement, meditation, biofeedback and subconscious reprogramming techniques for almost 4 decades. I’ve used, researched and tested most things, including subliminal communication, and read the research on far more (see the link with my credentials and background). In my opinion, and the majority of researchers in this field, the techniques used in Vibrational Sounds™ CD’s are not only far more effective than subliminal tapes or CDs, they are time proven and the amount of legitimate double blind research from Universities, etc., is mountainous.  Get on the web or go to the library and see for yourself.  While there is some research on the effects of subliminal communication as a subconscious programming influence, they aren’t incorporated into our self improvement sounds CD’s for the reason above, and more.

I’ve seen it be effective sometimes, and ineffective other times.  Of course, virtually anything will be ineffective if the subject doesn’t really want to change.  As the old adage about hypnosis goes, you can’t hypnotize anyone to do anything that they would be incapable of consciously, or have strong feelings/objections to.  But the techniques we developed and use have a much higher effectiveness ratio with people that DO really want to change.

I also have concerns about other effects that using subliminal self-help methods might have.  We have all heard of the use of subliminal in advertising.  They are used as tools of manipulation outside our awareness.  In fact, there was a bit of a hubbub when a subliminal message was used during the last presidential campaign.  It’s like being subjected to an airborne virus you aren’t aware exists.  You want your immune system to resist it, not accept it.  I want people to be as consciously aware as possible, to always exercise their free will, to actually build a resistance to subliminal or other forms of manipulation of the mind.  I personally believe that voluntarily using even positive subliminal techniques, can make a person more susceptible to negative subliminal manipulation – even when you know what messages/programming you are going to be receiving.

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