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tantra tantric sex guided meditations

tantra-tantric sex

tantra-tantric sex guided meditation


Now couples wishing to learn or practice tantra-tantric sex, can use the power of our Vibrational Sounds guided meditation plus sound therapy CDs.

We also have versions with the tantra-tantric sex guided meditation verbal induction, but with music in the background rather than the Vibrational Sounds.

Spiritual sexuality is one of the most wonderful experiences anyone can ever have.  Tantra-tantric sex, sometimes called tantra yoga or tantric yoga, is one of the most powerful and highest meditations there is.

These recordings can be used both as an instructional guide, and as a guided visualization spiritual sexuality “journey”.  You’ll discover new depths of intimacy, and pleasure, that you’ve probably never even dreamed about.

These CDs are meant to be used in conjunction with Jon Peniel’s spiritual sexuality and tantra-tantric sex books.  So please also read Sex & the Spiritual Guy (or Woman), and “Active Celibacy” (all about tantra-tantric sex, with instructions)“.

We still recommend traditional tantra-tantric sex techniques training.  But these CD’s can be used without that, for an incredible spiritual sexuality experience.  So even with no tantric sex training, you can just play and reap the benefits.  However, they are great tools to facilitate and enhance traditional tantra training.

If you’re interested, you can read more on the Vibrational Sounds guided meditation page.  The techniques have been proven in hundreds of independent double-blind university and clinical studies.

Vibrational Sounds are not music.  They’re brainwave entrainment sounds with guided imagery, visualization, affirmations, post hypnotic suggestions & more. The sounds gently encourage your brain to generate alpha and theta brainwaves (which naturally occur during meditation, tantra-tantric sex, relaxation, heightened awareness and creativity).

Our tantra-tantric sex recordings are only $29.95 each.

Requires a CD player with stereo headphones.

Check off the tantra-tantric sex CD’s you want, then press order button below.


CD For:

Spiritual sexuality tantra-tantric sex guided meditation for couples
(Requires two identical headphones, and a stereo
headphone “splitter” [available at Radio Shack])



Developing a psychic bond with your partner Add To Cart Add To Cart
“Rainbow Bridge” – Create a “chakra connection” Add To Cart Add To Cart
Tantric Sex Guided Imagery. Vol. 12a (Vibrational Sounds background).(Note: for use with Jon’s books “Sex & the Spiritual Guy (or Woman)”, and “Active Celibacy”). See link at bottom of page. Add To Cart Add To Cart
Tantric Sex Guided Imagery. Vol. 12b (classical music background) (Bolero & others).(Note: for use with Jon’s books “Sex & the Spiritual Guy (or Woman)”, and “Active Celibacy”). See link at bottom of page. Add To Cart Add To Cart


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Note: Vibrational Sound or Sounds-Music Therapy recordings are not to be used when operating motor vehicles, or dangerous equipment.


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