Congratulations to Sarah James – winner of the free prize – Vibrational Sounds for Spiritual Development!

Sarah answered our contest question –  what % of our brain function is powered by the subconscious, based on current expert opinions?

Answer:  up to 98%!  Wow!  It seems boggling and unbelievable, yet this number has been around for decades.   So, how much power does it have over your life?  And if you have goals you’d like to achieve,  how much more successful will you be when you harness the power of your subconscious to make your dreams come true?  Self-hypnosis and meditation are well proven,  tried and true methods to access your subconscious and enlist its magic for your desires.

Jon was an  expert in the field of Psycho-Accustics – the effects of sound on consciousness.  Our Vibrational Sounds lead you gently and clearly into a deep,  relaxed,  focused state of awareness in just 13 minutes.  It’s like meditation on steroids!  Have a hard time relaxing, focusing  and winding down?  Then these products are sent from above for you.  Are you an experienced meditator, who wants to take it up to the next level?  The Vibrational Sounds are for you!   We have lots of wonderful titles,  from Better Sleep, to Chakra Activation, to health topics to being a Dynamic, Successful person.  Instant downloads make getting your tool kit for a new, better life easy and convenient.  Here’s the link to our menu of meditation/goal topics.

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Hope your day is love-ly!