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2747 E. University Dr, #31604, Mesa, AZ 85275-1604, IRS 501c3#: 84-1588061

Hello, Golden Rulers/Children of the Law of One!     It’s that time of year again – the annual fundraiser for Children of the Law of One and Golden Rule Organization (CLO’s non-profit org). We appreciate your support in helping us maintain the good work started by Jon Peniel all those years ago – bringing hope, love, inspiration and liberation to the world.

Our mission is to keep the Lost Teachings of Atlantis, The Golden Rule Workbook and all the materials for self realization available. We’re excited to announce that The Lost Teachings is going into its 9th printing in English, and we also have versions in Portuguese and French which need to be printed (a big thank you to the translators!).We donate to schools, libraries and prisons, along with providing outreach counseling for victims of abuse. We maintain the websites, advertise the materials and provide free instruction of the techniques put forth in the books. We also maintain the property in the Rockies. In addition, we are planning to create a new conference/meeting center in Arizona. We have our eyes on a historical location in Mesa, AZ, which has hot springs on it. Buckhorn Baths has come onto the market – it would be a great spot, but needs lots of renovation. It’s near airports and useable year-round, so we’ll cross our fingers on that opportunity. There, we can do weekend retreats, Monk for a Month, LTA/GRO seminars and bring in educators and speakers from various disciplines and philosophies that are compatible with GRO.

This year’s goal is $5000, which will cover the costs of maintaining the Colorado property, printing and advertising.Your tax deductible donation helps us keep all of these worthy projects afloat. We really appreciate your support. No gift is too small or too big! Please, will you do your part for a good cause?

To show your support and pitch in using Paypal, send funds to

There’s also a click here to donate page:   –   just scroll down to the buttons. Checks & MO’s made out to Golden Rule are a simple way to contribute, as there are no extra fees taken. If you mail it to us, please put my name (Jewell Hill) on it, to make sure it gets to us. However, if a credit card is best for you, that’s great too!  Just give us a call at 719-221-9779.

Remember your contribution is tax deductible! Note the IRS # for your records on the top of page.

With Love,

 Jewell Hill

Jewell Hill, Fundraising Coordinator, 719-221-9779