Ways you can help

Ways to help us, others and yourself.

Start with the July 2006 Newsletter (not the one about “gas prices”).

Can I join a CLO monastery?

Sorry, our monasteries in Tibet, Spain and the Yucatan are not public and we don’t accept student monks. We love to network though, and have many friends! Please keep in touch and we’ll stay in touch when we can through the newsletter or get the New “Benjamin Franklin’s Secrets to Success and Golden Rule Guidebook”, see www.thegoldenrule.NET .  Sign up for the cool new “find a GROer” friendship pages and start your own (it is quite fancy, based on a “dating/soulmate” finding site and has many places for your specific interests, likes, dislikes, etc.. Do it yourself, with spouses, families, within your faith (if you have one). Elect your own little “group guides” to run meetings if you want to have them, etc.

You can even do intentional roommates or create Golden Rule Communities. It is after all, the essence of the Lost Teachings and are Universal. The “monk for a month” program we hoped for is probably lost since we’ve mostly all retreated “waiting for the countdown” (as Lindsay Buckingham said on his song from “out of the Cradle” album) or the many things happening and about to happen. gon a back burner. You can keep on a list for that by emailing us though, if we ever start a program.

Can I help?

We can always use help. So can others. See our links below.

How can I find kind, spiritual people?

In the not-so-distant future we’ll put a list of readers who want to meet or network with others, and hopefully start a discussion board. We’ll also put up a list of people and organizations who help others and seem worthwhile, constructive and positive for humanity. Please beware of dangerous cults though, we can’t name names because of laws, but we will soon put up an article about “danger signs”. For now, beware of religions or paths who insist theirs is the only way, recruit/pursue members and condemn those who leave, and don’t place compassion, love and kindness above dogma or their own agenda and religion.

Can we contact a monk from your order?

You can leave a message, and we try to respond when we can. The company that hosts this site and takes orders can take a message, but please don’t ask them spiritual questions because they are not part of us, just nice people who donate websites and fulfillment services to various non-profits or helpful humanitarian projects. In return, they advertise on our site and sell products we approve, to earn a living. Supporting them supports us and other good causes. But calls are expensive, so please just leave messages with them with your contact info, and what you are interested in discussing.

Ways you can help and/or promote the teachings/book

Please LINK to us – how it helps greatly, and how to link

Contributing time or $ (see July 06 newsletter first please). Please call 719-221-9779  if you’d like to make a donation, thank you!



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