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Having links from other sites, especially spiritually oriented sites, helps us directly, and dramatically helps this site’s search engine ranking. So please link to us if you can.
Thanks so much – Jon

Please Note:
The links will be more effective if you endorse and recommend our site to the visitors on your site, and put them on your home page or a spiritually oriented page (both preferably). Also, the more popular the site is that links to us, and the more relevant (for instance, a site that’s spiritual oriented, about meditation, Atlantis, Edgar Cayce, yoga, spiritual books, etc., ), the better.

Please do NOT add us to FFA (free for all) type links pages, they are useless and sometimes just generate “junk email”.

It also helps to put the link in a paragraph that you write yourself, that basically describes our site (if your site’s visitors are open minded about such things. Otherwise, just stick the link somewhere they won’t notice!):

Here’s an example of a rather long paragraph, that includes most of the things on our site – BUT DO NOT USE IT EXACTLY OR ANY PART OF IT – WORD THINGS YOURSELF – MAYBE YOU COULD EVEN WRITE ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCES WITH MEDITATION OR A BOOK ETC. To make sure your site is linked properly (make your link go to, regardless of what words you use for the link) please test it, if you have any problems, call or send us an email – thank you!):

”   This great site has a fun, and often profound, spiritual guidance “oracle” (think a question, click a link, and get instant spiritual guidance), free meditations, spiritual growth books (including non-fiction bestseller, “The Children of the Law of One™  & the Lost Teachings of Atlantis”), yoga, reiki, new age music, Atlantean vibrational sounds music therapy and many more topics on spirituality, so do yourself a favor, click on meditation and discover some amazing secrets about life and the universe!   “

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