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Ways You Can Help us and yourself –
One Person Can Make a Big Difference

You can help in many ways.  Make sure taking the time to do so is not at the expense of your own self-help or spiritual growth, but keep in mind that promoting things that can help others, in other words, acting from compassion, is a big part of really improving and growing. The best place to start is by being an example through applying the Golden Rule of Unselfish Love in your life.  We also recommend reading the Lost Teachings a half-hour a day – it really helps – and any other really good inspirational material.  Here’s a list of things you can do to help us, which helps others too.  (detailed info on some subject’s are below, and hyper-linked):

  • Financial gifts/tithing to us or IRS approved non-profit projects we support (very important right now – to read more about it & its relationship to spiritual growth click here)
  • Email us with your skills (or lack of skills) and let us know what you’re willing to do to help.
  • If you are good, or an expert at getting search engine placement, please call us because we really need help in that area.
  • If you are a computer or software expert, we often have bugs that need fixing.
  • Calling bookstores in your area to get them to carry our books
  • Contacting media to get book reviews
  • Contacting media to have the authors interviewed
  • If you have a webpage or website of your own (or are willing to inexpensively create one), please link to us with your own story (on its homepage) so everyone can find new friends to network with.  We now have a page with banners and links to our site that can be used. Click Here!  If you’d like suggestions on what to say, or a customized banner/link to us, email us with your web address and we’ll take a look at it, then make suggestions. We’ve heard has good deals and easy-do-it yourself websites and hosting (we’ve never used them though, so can’t say how good it is or not).
  • Putting up links from other websites to our site.
  • Start or join a golden rule (GRO) or Lost Teachings study group or club.
  • Network with groups and individuals that might be interested in the Golden Rule Workbook and talk to individuals, clubs, and religious organizations (but remember, if you really understand the GR and apply it in your life, you pass it on by the example you set).
  • Supporting the mail order products offered on this site helps us by helping the company that makes this site possible (the products often make great gifts too. We’ve tried/approved them all and use most ourselves also).
  • Buy an ad for one of our books in an appropriate publication.  We can provide all the artwork and copy for print or radio ads, and take care of the placement, if anyone wants to do that.
  • If you do printing or need printing, email us with details for printing quotes.  We use a printing broker, and can usually get you the best price.




You can recommend bookstores in your area carry the “Lost Teachings”.  Let them know about it, and that they really do sell well (3 printings in 98! Now on 4th printing with a revised edition, and the #6 spiritual books bestseller). Let them know they can get the books wholesale directly from Windsor Hill, Inc. (WH), or New Leaf, and Ingram.

You can give them the order line number if they have any questions about where to buy it wholesale, or any problems (1 800 845 7991).

Other than calling, if you want to go through some extra trouble, it makes a big difference sometimes if you take a book with you, and actually go to the stores and meet the clerks, managers and owners, and talk with them about it in person.  Also, let them know that getting it directly from WH is better because they support non-profits and provide us with this site.


List of broadcast media to contact to request an interview of the author(s):
(It helps to contact them in more than one way – i.e., mail, fax, email, and phone.   When possible, finding out the names of the appropriate people, and directing things specifically to their attention, works best.)


  • Art Bell    fax: (775) 727-8499  P.O. Box 4755
    Pahrump, Nevada 89041-4755   Note – Art may be interested in Jon’s travels with the alien oriented UN ambassador.
  • The Wisdom Network: Southview Mall, Route 52, P. O. Box 1546 Bluefield, WV 24701 Phone: 1-888-894-7638
  • New Dimensions Radio P.O. Box 569 Ukiah, CA 95482 (707) 468-5215
  • Brainstorm – New Dimensions with Michael and Justine Toms email
    In depth interviews in celebration of life and the human spirit, to foster the process of living a more healthy life of body, mind and spirit while deepening our connections to self, family, community, environment and planet. Taped and syndicated
  • Mitch Battros, Earth Changes TV P.O. Box 31286 Seattle, Wa 98103  fax (206) 547-5136
  • The Bonnie Colleen Show:   408-461-8949,  Fax:   408-461-8940 230 Mt Herman Rd #205,  Scotts Valley,  CA  95066
  • The quest – Producer:
  • Lights on with Nancy Lee News/Talk Radio 600 AM/KCOL Saturday at 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM (MDT) Call-in Line 970/221-3222 Their quote about themselves says: “This successful, well received two hour live radio talk show was created by Nancy Lee with a goal to inform, enlighten and find positive solutions to Earth life. “Lights On With Nancy Lee” includes well known authors, lecturers, spiritualists and musicians. Her roster includes internationally known guests like Steven Halpern, Neale Donald Walsh, James Twyman, Lee Carroll, Nick Bunick, Marianne Williamson, Thom Hartman and Stephan Rechtschaffen. Topics cover everything from Edgar Cayce to UFO’s: Alternative Healing to Shamanic Journeys: Angels, Dreams, Herbs; Sound Therapy; Astrology; Reincarnation; Numerology: Authors, and Mystics. To schedule workshops, lectures, seminars or retreats, call 970-416-7959 or send us an e-mail. “
  • Living successfully with Bob Keeton  Their quote about themselves says:  “Wrap up the weekend with Living Successfully and discover resources on work, relationships, and money. We’ll share information found in books, tapes, videos, movies, and Web sites that may be valuable as you grow toward living your dream. “
  • Georgia Shakti Hill, on Wisdom TV, Their quotes about themselves say: “In December of 1991, Georgia Shakti-Hill was invited to be a guest on a call-in program on a local independent station in Fort Myers, Florida. Within two weeks she was on that same station as a host of her own show. She is often referred to as “the Oprah of southwest Florida.” LIVING IN BALANCE ON SHAKTI-HILL”, now beginning its ninth year, is an interview / talk show designed to entertain, educate and enlighten the audience. Exploring the human potential through positive living, the arts, wellness, alternative medicine and modern mysticism has created a dynamic television experience that is now being shared with a wider audience worldwide and with expanded goals.”
  • “As we look to the new millennium, America is asking questions about the meaning of life, our purpose here, what is truly of value and how can I find inner peace. Our mind affects our body and our health or dis-ease. Bliss is a natural state of being and people are seeking happiness. Television is a medium that can bring to light the best minds, concepts and insights as the wisdom unfolds. As the book comes off the presses, the author can be interviewed; the painting can be shared, as the paint still dries; and the musician can sing the song he dreamed of the night before. Scientific research is reported, as soon as it is concluded. The audience is well served by a show that is dedicated to the development of the human potential and there is a searching for this knowledge”
  • The Caroline Casey Show:  (she likes stories about great things happening – no doom and gloom)

Radio Shows For World Food Project Only: 

Terra Verde with Pratap Chatterjee & Celia Alario  email  and Their quote about themselves says: “A live public affairs program focusing on investigating and analyzing environmental issues from a global perspective. Our format is a blend of magazine and talk show with occasional environmental news at the half hour. Over the years we have explored the gamut of environmental issues. Our hope is both to bring key international perspectives to listeners, as well as make the issues relevant to northern California listeners. When reviewing issues for show content and recruiting guests, we strive for a balance of both gender and social justice in every show, and look to provide opportunities for in depth dialogues with those whose perspectives are not always given a voice. We also enjoy bringing music and spoken word into segment breaks that are representative of the bioregions and political perspectives being explored on the show.”

Future Unfolding – Exploration with Michio Kaku email url Their quote about themselves says: “Exploration is an hour long science program heard nationally on the KU national radio satellite band. Exploration covers the world of science, war and peace, and the environment. In the first half, we have commentary and interviews with top scientists and environmentalists. In the second half, we take listener phone calls from the greater New York audience. If you want to be a guest on his show, email him a question or a comment to Be sure to include a telephone number and time so WBAI’s engineers can call you back. Then they can tape a conversation with you and put you on his show.”
About Dr. Kaku
Dr. Michio Kaku is an internationally recognized authority in theoretical physics and also the environment. He holds the Henry Semat Professorship in Theoretical Physics at the City College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. His goal is to help complete Einstein’s dream of a “theory of everything,” a single equation, perhaps no more than one inch long, which will unify all the fundamental forces in the universe. He has lectured around the world and his Ph.D. level textbooks are required reading at many of the top physics laboratories. He has written 9 books; his last two books, Hyperspace and Visions, became international bestsellers, and have been widely translated into different languages. He hosts a weekly hour long radio program on science on several stations around the country, and his commentaries on science can be heard on 60 radio stations nationwide.



  • The Wisdom Network: Southview Mall, Route 52, P. O. Box 1546 Bluefield, WV 24701 Phone: 1-888-894-7638 They are on Dish TV satellite network
  • Oprah has a new website and email address,  Please only submit ideas for the Golden Rule Workbook to Oprah since that is really along the lines of her show.  The GR workbook presents a day to day plan for improving one’s own life, and making a better world one person at a time, starting with each one of us. Oprah has promoted the idea of random acts of kindness,  an “Angel Network”, and we also understand that she is launching some great new kindness projects.  You could suggest having one of the authors on the show to discuss the Golden Rule Workbook program, and the idea of spreading compassion and kindness by applying the Golden Rule, and networking through Golden Rule clubs and study groups (put things in your own style and words, and whatever you think is best, don’t just use what I said above).   Her phone line is 312-591-9595.   There are three snail mail addresses: “Program Ideas” PO BX 909715,   Chicago,  IL  60690.  Here is another address for show ideas also:   Oprah Winfrey- “Remembering your Spirit”  PO BX 617880,   Chicago, IL 60661.  The Remembering Your Spirit address is one where they ask you to send them your ideas and personal input on things you do to remember your spirit.  That is a great place to tell them about the G.R. Workbook,   in addition to the first one we listed.   THe last is: Oprah’s Angel Network,  Kindness Chain, 110 N. Carpenter St.  Chicago, IL  60607.     Oprah also has a book club, and makes recommendations, so that would be a good thing to contact her about too.
  • Roseanne Barr has been doing some very interesting topics also.  Here is her contact info: ,    7800 Beverly Blvd.,  East Bldg Room 251,  Los Angeles,  CA 90036.  We haven’t been able to find a phone/fax contact number for her.  Let us know if you have it and we’ll put it on here for others.
  • Oasis TV.  We don’t know anything about them yet,  but give them a try.   They are supposed to be 24 hour a day positive cable TV.



List of magazines to contact to request an article, interview of the authors AND a review of the Book:
(Again, it helps to contact them in more than one way – i.e., mail, fax, email, phone.   When possible, finding out the names of the appropriate people, and directing things specifically to their attention, works best.)

  • Yoga Journal: 1-800-I-DO-YOGA,  510- 841-9200
    PO Box 12008
    Berkeley, CA 94712-3008
  • New Age: 617-926-0200
    42 Pleasant St
    Watertown, MA 02472
  • What is Enlightenment?:   413-637-6040
    PO Box 2360
    Lenox, MA 01240
  • Mind Body Spirit: 401-351-4320
  • Common Ground: 206-399-0204,  Fax: 206-368-7509
  • Open Exchange: 510-526-7190s
  • Shambhala Sun: 902-422-8404, Fax: 902-423-2701
    1585 Barrington St.,  #300
    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada  B3J 1Z8
    US Office:  1345 Spruce St
    Boulder,  CO  80302-4886
  • Joyful Times:  970-255-0806
    PO BX 3421
    Grand Junction, CO  81502
  • Intuition:   415-949-4240,  Fax: 415-917-8905
    2570 West El Camino Real, #308
    Mountain View,  CA 94040
  • The Quest
    PO BX 270, ATTN: Editor
    Wheaton, IL  60189-0270
  • Magical Blend:  916-893-9037
    PO BX 600
    Chico,  CA  95927-0600
  • Gnosis:   415-974-0600,  Fax: 415-974-0366
    PO BX 14217
    San Fransisco,  CA  94114-0217
  • Personal Transformation:  918-683-4560
    4032 S. Lamar Blvd., #500-137
    Austin,  TX  78704
  • New Thought Journal:   937-293-9717,  Fax: 937-866-9603
    2520 Evelyn Dr
    Kettering,   OH  45409
  • Insight:  520-743-8821,  Fax: 520-743-3394
    3403 W. Sweetwater Dr.
    Tucson,  AZ  85745-9301
  • Explore More!:  360-424-6025
    PO BX 1508
    Mount Vernon,  WA  98273
  • The Healing Path Magazine
    305 W Magnolia #264 Fort Collins CO 80521
  • Oprah!  (probably best for the Golden Rule Workbook only, I don’t think she’d really relate to  the Lost Teachings book)
    Oprah’s Book Club
    “Program Ideas”   PO BX 909715
    Chicago,  IL  60690
    And:  Oprah Winfrey- “Remembering your Spirit”  PO BX 617880
    Chicago, IL 60661


  • P.S.
    You probably have small local publications (magazines, newspapers, etc) in your area that might be interested in the GR Workbook and Program or the Lost Teachings.  If you do,  send us their contact info and we’ll post it too!

~~~~~~Thanks – your efforts are valuable and appreciated!~~~~~~

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